Phone wire was cut, who's responsible to repair?

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Phone wire was cut, who's responsible to repair?

Our telephone land line phone wire runs from a pole to eave then under the eave for another 20' before entering the house.

We don't have the landline activated. The phone wire was there since I don't know how long ago. Yesterday someone cut the phone wire, not near the house where it's low, but half way between the house and pole. So one end is now on the ground, the other end is hanging off the pole, about 15' off the ground. I am guessing whoever cut it used some sort of a long gadget like a branch pruner on a extension pole, I don't know. May be they think we have an alarm system and tried to disable it - we do have alarm system decals and signs, but we don't have the service for a few years now.

I am wondering if I need to call someone from the phone company to repair this - this is their property right? Or mine? I assume the line from the pole to the box inside my garage is their's? But will they repair it if I don't have an active account? or should I just snip the loose end at the eave and be done with it and let the other end hang from the pole?

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The "drop" wire belongs to the telephone company all the way from the pole connection to the Network Interface Device (NID) located on the house, in the basement, or in your case, the garage. It is their responsibility to replace the drop.

However, if you are not using their connection don't be surprised if they balk at replacing. After all, what's in it for them? I DO suggest that you remove the wiring from your home AND call the telephone company repair service and notify them of what you have done and of the hanging wire at the pole. Leaving the cut wire on your house may send a signal to burglars casing the place that any alarm system may be inactive. Plus, it just plain looks ugly.
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Yea, I'm wondering why you would have the phone company fix it if you are not using it??? It's a rather common situation these days as more and more people go away from a land phone line. It's also a similar situation when people move back and forth between cable and satellite TV. You can't expect the provider to fix lines if you are not currently a customer.
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I would try to coil up or stretch out the portion of the loose wire still attached to the eave to be somewhat hidden under the eave. And leave the end hanging from the pole as-is.
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You sound like maybe you just might want to re-activate that line some time in the future. Not worth the effort. If the time ever came that you wanted a landline, the utility most likely would run new lines to your interface as described by Furd.

I have to agree with Furd, it will look ugly and possibly send the wrong message to those who might be looking for one.

edit...afterthought...I would really like to know who and why it was cut. That would bother me.

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