Looking for flip phone that can block calls or way to do this


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Looking for flip phone that can block calls or way to do this

I am trying to help a relative who is a senior citizen. 85. They use an older flip phone and get a lot of unsolicited calls that I would like to help them with. I would like to stick with a flip phone for them because that is what they are used to and they don't have a need for a smart phone. They don't text or use data plan. So this is where I am.

They use Verizon and Verizon will only block 5 numbers. On a Samsung convoy 2 I can apparently limit incoming calls to contacts only.

I am looking for suggestions of other flip phones or basic style phones that can block calls or maybe someone knows another way for me to help them block these calls.

I have already put their number on the do not call registry but I have very little faith in that. From my own experience.

Thanks for any and all help that you can provide. It is much appreciated.
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I don't know of any phones that allow blocking of numbers. And, since many telemarketers spoof their phone numbers there is no way you will know what numbers to block. This is common across all phones. There are apps that will block calls which would be would option if you can find a flip phone that runs modern apps.

One option would be to set up the contacts so known people have a ring tone. Then set the default ringtone for the phone to a silent ring tone. There are numerous apps that let you create a ringtone so create one that is silent. When an unknown number calls the phone it will ring but since the ring tone is silent it won't really ring. If anyone on the contacts list calls the phone will play the ringtone that you can hear.
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Looks like the LG Revere series can do that according to Verizon:

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I Like PD's ringtone option; pretty clever.
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Ya, that is what I was thinking - assign a special ring tone for all the contacts so if someone else calls they might not have to rush to answer. Do they have voice mail?
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Why not set up a manual signalling convention?

For example let relatives know that if they want to get through then call and let it ring 3 times and hang up. Wait half a minute and call again.

Anyone who did not follow the convention would be expected to leave a message and be called back.

Don't laugh. My family used a convention like this decades ago, long before cell phones let alone ring tones were invented.

Note: Hearing 3 rings as you make the call may or may not ring exactly 3 times for the recipient.

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Sounds like you grew up with one of the last party phone lines. As a kid I remember having to listen for our ring every time the phone rang.
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Showing your age if you even know what a party line is.
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I forget if it was my Siemens candybar phone or the Motorola flip phone but one of my old 'dumb' phones had a setting to block all numbers not in the address book. So I know there were at least a few.

All smartphones (of recent manufacture) can be equipped with a call blocker. I understand the recent iPhones all have a built-in by-number call blocker.

Some Android phones come equipped with some version of a call blocker, HTC, LG and Samsung, but it varies with the make and model of phone and the version of Android. I think all the OE built-ins just allow you to limit incoming calls to numbers in the address book, no by-number blocking. However, they all can be equipped with one using a 3rd-party app that allows by-number blocking. In some cases the phone has to be rooted for the app to be effective but in some cases -- again, depending on the make and model of phone and the version of Android -- there's an app that does not require the phone to be rooted.

What's "rooting" you ask? Android phones run Linux, which is a stepbrother to UNIX, and where Windows has an "Administrator" account, Linux/UNIX has a "root" user account. As a security measure, there is no root user account in a factory Android installation. Rooting is the process of creating a user account with "root privileges" so you can install apps that require permissions that Google didn't see fit to give Android. So, yeah, it is a bit "techie," but the software and other files necessary to perform a rooting are available free.

I have two android phones, one a Samsung and the other an LG. Both are rooted and both are running Root Call Blocker, which, as the name implies, requires that the phone be rooted, but AFAIK it will work on every phone running Android 4 (KitKat) or later. It's configurable to deal with unwanted incoming calls several ways, one of which is just ignoring it altogether, but even if you don't answer before the "time-out," the service provider still reroutes the blocked call to your voicemail. Which is both good and bad, because you won't altogether miss a call from someone who you'd have liked to talk to but isn't in your address book, provided they stay on the line and leave a message. But you also might have a 'spam' voicemail, but I find that very few spam callers / robocallers leave a voicemail.

One thing to be aware of is that phones bought for most other carriers won't work on Verizon's network. All cellphones use a particular "channel access method," which is analogous to a "log-on" in order to access that particular carrier's network. Most carriers use a channel access method called GSM, which needs a SIM card provided by that particular carrier. Verizon's phones use a method called CDMA, which uses a special "serial number" coded into the phone called the MEID. They're the only major carrier that uses CDMA so most of the phones available won't work on Verizon. Obviously any Verizon-branded phone will work, but any phone branded for ATT, T-Mobile, or any of the other major carriers won't.

Specifically finding a flip phone that's call-blocking capable, and especially if you want an old 'dumb' phone, is going to take some heavy-duty institutional knowledge. For that level of detail on cell phones, my first stop is always the Howard Forums. Believe it or not, there is such a thing as a phone hobbyist, and Howard Forums is one of the places where they hang out.

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Set up Simultaneous Ring and register the number with "NoMoRobo" (NoMoRobo.com). That will block most robocalls automatically after one ring. Verizon FiOS allows you to do that in the Phone Features setup. (Not sure if Verizon Wireless provides it in setup. But you can register any phone number directly on the NoMoRobo web site.)
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If you have a land line, caller ID, and a desktop computer with a modem,
you can create a list of "valid callers' fairly quickly.

Then save them as contacts, sync them to your phone as "actually ring".

Options were "Vista Caller ID" and "window fax & scan".

If you have phone bundled to internet, you can probably download a "valid caller list"
from your phone provider.

Much easier than entering everyone's info by hand.
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I don't know of any phones that allow blocking of numbers.
I use an iPhone 5c (old, I know) and it allows me to block numbers when i receive unwanted calls. My cell service provider is Verizon.

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