Galaxy S5 - SD Card question


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Galaxy S5 - SD Card question

Hi All,

I have one of the older Galaxy S5 Samsung phones, and it has a 64 GB SD card in it. I've just about filled up the card. So, I have two questions:

1. The specs say the biggest card the phone can take is 128GB. I've read elsewhere that even larger SD cards will work as its just extra storage space. Anyone know? Am I limited to 128GB, or could I get a 256GB and have it work just as well?

2. Regardless of whether I get 128GB or larger, can I just copy everything from the 64GB card onto the new larger card and then just insert the new larger card into my phone? Would my phone think anything had happened, other than there would still be a lot of storage room left? I once cloned the harddrive of my laptop to a much bigger hard drive, and I inserted the new cloned harddrive in and the laptop had no idea what had happened. Would this be similar? Or would I need to do something else?

Thanks for any info or advice!
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Based on mfg's recommendations..... 128gb is the largest size that the S5 can use. There are those that like to push the envelope so a larger card may work just fine too. I'm not sure I'd risk it.

You can transfer the date from the 64gb to your laptop or other storage system and then to the 128gb card. Although a new card does not require formatting..... I'd do it it anyway.

You could just copy the data from the 64gb card to the new one and keep it as a backup.
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There are a few things to check,

Does your phone format the SD card?
Does your phone encrypt the SD card?

as to what size, when were the specifications written?
My experience has been good with larger SD cards than listed
-old Palm Centro works with 32 GB SD card;
-HTC EVO 4GLTE works with 64GB card
so I suspect that mfg sizes are about current card sizes, not actual storage limits.

I'd eject the first card, format the new card on the phone, then eject that.

I use got a USB multi-card reader that takes SD and micro SD, so I usually put one card into micro slot, put the other in a SD adapter and into the SD slot, then copy the old card contents to the new card.
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You could also copy everything from your existing 64GB card to your PC or cloud storage, then wipe the card and re-use it. Or just do what others have said and copy all the contents to the new 128 GB card to give yourself an additional 64GB. Depends on what is on your card and whether or not you need access to all of the data (contacts, pictures, videos, apps). I'm guessing you could unload a bunch of pictures and videos to a cloud storage service and free up a bunch of space.

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