Internet cable protection


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Internet cable protection

Hello all. I am hoping this post is in the correct sub, if not, mods, kindly move to the correct area.

i have concrete all around my house. The local cable company internet cable comes from the concrete, go up about 4 ft on the stucco wall before it enters the garage.

i have home automation and security that is internet based. I suppose it would be easy to cut that cable. How can I cover that cable so it is not visible/accessible so easily?

thank you.

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Got a picture so we can see what your seeing?
Most often it should have been run through gray PVC pipe to prevent damage.
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Most often it should have been run through gray PVC pipe to prevent damage.
Well where I live they don't do that. They just leave it exposed, stapled to the outside.

To the OP, we've had the cable exposed ever since I can remember, and no one's ever cut it. Not sure why you think that would happen, but if it did get damaged, just call them and they usually will come out right away to put a new cable there.
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Yeah...... they don't use any type of conduit here either. I've actually seen the cable company run the cable on top of the dirt thru gardens. Security is not high on their priority list. There is supposed to be a ground block connection on the outside of the house that could be hard to cover.

If this is a cable line...... not fiber....... you can put it into conduit yourself. You'd need to disconnect it from inside so that you could run it thru the conduit.

If a burglar wants to get into your house bad enough..... covering that cable won't stop him. We are installing cellular based backup units on most of our customers alarm system for just that reason.

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