high pitched noise and hissing sound in Spectrum voice-VOIP[?]


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high pitched noise and hissing sound in Spectrum voice-VOIP[?]

My phone developed a high pitched noise and hissing sound about a week ago. This is a Spectrum-Charter modem unit. I believe it is VOIP.

I have an old-school wired phone connected to the modem, not a cordless.

I am looking at ways to fix the problem without a service visit. The modem T's off the TV cable via a splitter. TheTV works ok.

The modem has been reset, with no resulting change.

The high pitched noise occurs when you pick up the phone. Then as people speak at each end the hissing occurs.

Also, some times you have to push down the recever button once before the dial tone sounds. This did not happen when I had the phone connected to my hard-wired system in the other house.

Any idea where to start?
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