Future Household Cabling

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Future Household Cabling

In 1999, my dad asked my advise as to what cabling to run in their house they where building. At that time, I told him CAT5e (CAT6 was brutally expensive at time). Run 2 lines behind each TV/Entailment area, and one per bedroom.
Fast forward 20 years later (almost to the exact month), his wiring is still current and I'm now running CAT6 cabling (along with WIFI) throughout this current build/restore I'm working on while pulling out old co-axial cable and CAT3 phone cable.

My question here is, what do you folks see as the future proof (20+ years) communication means to install today?
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Conduit so you can pull whatever cable is desired at the time.
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When was the last time you ran conduit in residential (new or retrofit)?

In the current reno/retrofit, I have access passages between floors for cabling, but not conduit to every room.

The question stems from the current house I'm working on. Its a late 1940's / early 1950's, ~4700sqft house with old co-axle cable and 4 conductor phone cable ran into almost every room.
I took an educated guess 20 years ago when talking with my dad on what to run in his house they where building and was tack on (pure luck if you ask me).
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Not conduit like EMT....... smurf tubing.

Cat 6 and RG6 are fine for the future.
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I ran some conduit when I built my house 18 years ago. Mostly it runs up and down between floors. I really wish I'd installed more because it's truly the only future proof option.

I never remove an old, unused wire or cable. I leave it in place for when I want to pull a new cable. Then I attach the ends of the new and old together and use the old wire to pull the new through the walls.
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Sounds like you will be future proof.

In 20 years odds are that everything will be wireless.

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