wi-fi router upgrade

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wi-fi router upgrade

I have Spectrum Hi-Speed internet. Their modem, my router.

I'm thinking that I need to upgrade my router. The one I have is "entry level". In the time that has passed since I bought it, we now have two smart phones, two laptops, and four rooms with Hulu TV. Sometimes, I get a momentary loss of signal.

I'm thinking that the first step would be to get a better router. What are the features I should be looking for? I don't have to have "the best", but at least an improvement.

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I would say make sure the new router you get is dual band.
Most of the older ones were only 2.4ghz and those frequencies are pretty well used.
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My house is "difficult". Large space, multiple floors and TV's and computers scattered all over the place. I got much better reception after replacing my old modem with a modern, more capable model.

I did some research online to find which were best and got a multi channel quad antenna model. Just know that while 5 ghz bands can transfer data very quickly it has very short range and doesn't penetrate walls well so you'll likely be relying heavily on the 2.4 ghz band mostly. So, if you have a device that really needs the highest speed connection try to give it a direct, unobstructed view of the router.
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Also keep in mind many devices like WiFi outlets do not use the 5 ghz but only the 2.4 ghz. But the packaging will not make that clear. However, they should automatically use the 2.4 ghz range.

Had a customer buy 5 boxes of those WiFi outlets. Came back a few hours later and said he did not want them because they would not work on 5 ghz range. Said he will buy from another source that will work on 5 ghz. Tried to explain to him that it's not likely he will find them and that his router will use the 2.4 ghz. He did not want to hear it and left in huff!
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Sometimes, I get a momentary loss of signal.
Actually, you may want to check the box on the outside of the house - I had similar freezes, and chrome browser wouldn't stay signed in:
turned out the exterior box's weather stripping was cracked and humidity/corrosion was causing the problems - cable-co replaced with newer box and works fine now.

Also keep in mind many devices like WiFi outlets do not use the 5 ghz but only the 2.4 ghz.
I highly suggest that when you upgrade to a new router, keep the old router, disable DNS and convert it into an access point to double your coverage. The older router will broadcast on 2.4ghz channel to give you good range. The old router will often allow what data rates to use 802.11 B (11 megs), G (54 megs, or N (300 megs). I generally disable the B (11 meg) because the only 802.11B gadget I have left is an old wifi picture frame that isn't used.
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