Can I cut these wires? Satellite Dish


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Can I cut these wires? Satellite Dish

Hi, I am looking to take down 3 satellite dishes from my house, and this is what the situation looks like.I've seen other forums say its fine to cut, but am a little intimidated by the size and amount of cables. Wanted to post my situation just to make sure. I've attached some pictures.


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If the satellite system is no longer being used then yes, they can be cut. Just make sure the inside equipment is turned off or has been removed as they back feed power up the coax to power an amplifier in the antenna.
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Direct TV 8 channel SWM module. It will be powered from an inside unit. Unplug that before cutting any wires. That was used to switch different dishes to different convertor boxes inside.
Pretty cool system.
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I never just cut things up as you never know what the future will bring.

Had a similar system that I removed from my place.
I left the wire into the house just tucked it away so it was not unsightly.
The line in the house will probably go through a powered box then to the TV. That will be the power to run the switch.

I took it all down carefully a about a month later gave it to a friend who had a cottage.
They love it and now have signal and channels out the kazoo.
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I would get rid of it all. Any installation of new service is likely going to include new equipment. Installers are loath to even re-use the wire as they often get paid for the equipment they install. More wire to run and more equipment to install means more money for them from the cable/satellite company.
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Maybe I'm reading too much into this, but I would not "cut" the wires. Remove, yes, but not cut. Just undo the connections. And although I agree with PD's comment, I also like maden's option of just tucking them away. If you can't see them, then's what's the problem? And maybe , just maybe you might have a use for them. I think it's easier than trying to remove them completely.
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