iphone 7 plus cellular issues

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iphone 7 plus cellular issues

We have an iphone 7 plus that used to be mine, then my son's, now my daughter's. Years ago it was fine for me. Was originally fine for my son, but over time it started having an issue where it wouldn't connect to cellular for data after leaving the house (and therefore dropping off wifi). Turning on/off airplane mode would fix it.

Recently upgraded my son to a new phone so my daughter got the 7 plus, and I hoped that by wiping the phone and migrating her profile over it would fix the issue, but it persists (so it seems to be an actual phone/hardware issue, not software, I assume).

Any hopes on fixing this or just deal with it until it's time to upgrade her?

Thank you.
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Apple no longer supports the 7, so may be a software issue.
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First thought was that it might be a 3G phone, and 3G support is mostly gone now. But the Iphone 7 supports 4G. Make sure 4G is enabled.

Mobile Data
Mobile Data Options
Enable 4G
Voice and Data

Some carriers block support of phones that are no longer supported by apple because they can't get security updates (or to push you to buy a new phone), so if the above doesn't work, check on your carrier's website to see if they list supported models.
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The phone is on redpocket so i'll try to see if they support it. In the meantime, I don't see 4G options. I only see the below (I did just enable data roaming to see if that helps at all).


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