nothing to boot out of

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Unhappy nothing to boot out of

Does anyone know why I wouldn't have any power to my 3.5 or
the CD rom drives. My PC blo- up (actually just made a lot's of stink)
When I tried to turn it on from the power strip - I know dumb idea..
Anyway I went ahad and purchased a new box with 300 power supply
Assuming that it was the power supply that went bad. Carefully transferred all (internals) from the old box to the new one, and connected everything the way it was.
My CPU fan does spin, but that's the only thing that works. I measured voltage on the plugs going to the floppy and HD, got some readings, so WHY isn't it working???

Any help greatly appreciated
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Cool Surge...

I would venture to say that those peripherals have failed. They may have been damaged when the other power supply went the surge when the secret smoke was let out blew the two devices you mention. Feel lucky that it didnít get your hard drive, video or modem too. The cheapest thing to do will be the floppy drive. You should be able to find one new on the net for $15 to $30. Replace it or borrow buddies if you can and see if the new drive comes up. Bet it does. Surges are interesting things. Well my TV and satellite receiver were on the same outlet as my VCR, why didnít they get hit too? Surges take the least amount of resistance to ground they can find, whether it be a floppy drive or VCR ectÖ
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Same thing had occured to me too!! A power surge blew out my desktop computer and much of my eletrical equiptment throughout the house. I had someone do a diagnostic test on it, and they told me that my motherboard was gone. So I purchased a new one today, and awaiting the results tommorow.

When I turned my desktop on, the computer wouldn't startup, the fan was running, I could hear the hard disk going, and nothing showed up on my monitor. J ust kept on saying "No signal"
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Thanks a lot for advice!

It's not what i wanted to hear but was afrid that's what it is....

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Go ahead and substitute a known good floppy drive by all means, but I think it's much more likely that the motherboard is fritzed.
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how know they don't work?

Well it could be the mb. Your post indicates that you can sart the computer. The only problem areas you mention are the 3.5 floppy and the CD-ROM drive. But then you say the only thing that works is the CPU fan.

1. Will the computer start and you can use the HD, just not the mentioned drives?

2. What tells you the drives aren't working? Do the LEDs light up? Does the CD spin in the drive?

Something I learned AFTER I had a mb get fried - surge protectors do wear out. Every surge and power strike shortens he remaining life of a surge protector. IF your computer is left on a lot, replace the surge protector every couple of years.
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Generally I noticed that the first thing to go on a PS is the 5V output. It will almost always increase significantly, sometimes to 12V, sometimes even more. If that's the case anything that uses 5V will be fried, but generally PCI/AGP cards will escape if lucky since the MB will usually short out before that. But hard drives/CDROMS, are generally gone. CPUs and RAM are usually ok, and so are the peripherals. But it all depends.. If the computer is too old, then I would buy/build a brand new one using the "latest" technology. If it's not too old, then you could buy the same type MB (same socket type), and try to transfer the CPU/RAM, etc. Maybe you're lucky. If not, you could generally return it without any problems.

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