cd reading issue

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cd reading issue

I have a bunch of mp3 songs on my cd. When I listen to them from the CD, everytime the light indicator blinks on the CD-ROM, the song stutters. This happens every 5-7 seconds.

I tried using different players, but got the same error. And I don't get the stuttering when I play it off my hard drive.

I don't know why it would, any ideas on how to fix? Usually I would find the error, but this time I was unsuccessful.

also, when the cd rom indicator blinks, the hard disk indicator light blinks too on the cpu front panel...

[[Win XP Pro, 1.2 Ghz Athlon , TOSHIBA CD ROM, 128 RAM MINUS 32 for video...]]
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It might be from burn proof software. If you are using any.
Thats why you don't here it when you play the songs from your hard drive.
Try and free up some of that memory from your video card.
Burn proof only kicks in when you have a buffer underrun
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My guess is that you need to up your memory buffers on the CD or your anti-virus software is checking the file everytime its accessed on the CD. On the later, your out of luck because both Mcaffee and Norton check files everytime they are accessed.

On the first point, there is a setting in the computer properties that lets you set speed and buffer rates for CD ROMS and multimedia. Basically, you want the MP3 players to read from the buffer and have the OS read ahead on the CD and get the data into the buffer. This is similar to what Real Player does when you listen to a web stream. It tries to keep enough of the file downloaded ahead of time so that even if your connection slows for a couple of seconds there is still data there to play.
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I agree with the virus scanning theory. Try disabling checking of .mp3 file types in the scanning software. (do a full scan first though).
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Burn proof will have nothing to do with this problem. This probably occurs because your computer can't read the whole song off the CD, and it has to stop every 5 seconds to read some more,and your machine can't support the minimum speed. I would say that more RAM will help the problem, I know that in my machine the whole song is actually copied to RAM. It could also be a setting in the MP3 player not buffering enough. Try increasing that.
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Make sure the disk isn't messed up. Try playing it in a friends comp to make sure it does not skip.

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