Looking for a Coop job? Or your thoughts about my situation.


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Looking for a Coop job? Or your thoughts about my situation.

live in Lexington Kentucky(USA) and I am attending my local community college. I have three classes left until I graduate with an Associates degree in Computer Networking. One class I have signed up for is a Coop class. I met with the lady over the class and she said I need to find a job myself to do my Coop at. My first thought was that I thought that was something they were suppose to help with. I thought that the school was suppose to have a list of jobs that you choose from and then you work there for the semester(if a full time position comes of it then great but know garauntees). Is my thinking wrong?

Does anyone on this forum live in Lexington Kentucky who might know of a Coop job that I can work at? Or even an internship. I'm looking for anything where I can get some experience. Because right now I have none.

Any help would be greatly appriciated!!


Rob Neuzel
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I would talk with some one at the city employment office, they may have some idea, or maybe the front office of the school might have some idea's. About the only time the school will help you out is if you are attending a trade school.

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Cool Stand up...

And there be the problem with community colleges. They can change or delete programs, help etc as they see fit. I had somewhat of the same thing happen; I wanted a piece of paper for HVAC. Went to a local trade school and all of a sudden they wanted us to wear uniforms with their company logo on them. I didn’t have a problem with that so much as the pants were nylon, around welding slag etc. Anyone that has ever dropped slag on nylon anything knows what happens. Anyway I said I had no problem with the shirts and free advertising but I would wear jeans on the days of welding. Jeez you would think I had shot the pope! So the arguing went on for over a week, finally I just got fed up with it and in a meeting with several of their top brass etc I asked one simple question… Who’s paying who? The administrator started to say something and I shut him down and made them answer who’s paying who? Well to make a long story longer I got my wish and could wear clean, not holey etc jeans on welding days. Anyway you need to get your contract out and see if it says anything about placement services. If it does, hold them to it! Obviously I like to write and my local newspaper was interested in this story too, that may have been the tie breaker when I told them I would go to the press. Stand up and be counted, check your contract and maybe with students that have graduated? See if they were helped with placement for this co-op deal. By the way, when you come out of these classes will you have you’re A+ rating in basic or network, anything like that? You do know that most computer companies won’t hire or at least think twice about hiring someone without A+ rating? Here anyway… Good luck and let us know how this comes out… And you just might mention you have Office and the address of your local newspaper editor, this for some reason gets attention more than, “I’ll sue”…
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Used to be from that neck of the woods. Had several coop students work for me on occassion. The real question is can you do the coop and not get paid or only get paid a small stipend. If you're expecting the school to find you a paying job that probably is too much to ask especially if it is one of the Public Community Colleges or Tech Schools. They just deal with too many students. So, if you're willing to work for nothing or next to nothing and get great experience work for a local public school or school district. Thanks to KETS money they have some top flight networking going on and they always need help. Talk to the local technology coordinator for your district. I guarantee they will put you to work in short order. They just won't pay you.

However, it will be a quality experience that will look good on a resume and most of the time they'll help you with the first few test for certification.

The only other suggestion I have is to head for Frankfort and work for the State IT department. Same deal as above though.
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Thanks for the reply's! I will try my local school system. And/or state. Obviously, I do want to be paid but I don't mind if it is not a lot. I guess internship would work too even though you don't get paid. i really want experience. BAD! So I guess I will do whatever to get it. Thanks again. If you have any other suggestions please send them my way.

Rob Neuzel

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