added more ram and the computer won't boot up

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Smile added more ram and the computer won't boot up

I just got two 166's. The one I am having trouble with is a 166 amd. I added 32 more ram to it and now it won't boot up,even with my emegency boot disk that it asks for. I went in and re set the time, date and year but it still says to put in a boot disk. I know nothing about DOS so I don't know how to set anything. I want to take a class on repairing computers,but can't get into class until Dec 9. I don't have any books to tell me anything either.
Does anyone have any sugestions?
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Have you tried removing the memory you just installed and see if that helps?

I have to use a certain type memory in my system (pc100) or it won't work either. They tried to tell me at the store where I purchased it that it would (some other type PCxx?), but I know from experience that it won't.

Also make sure that you haven't disconnected something by accident. You may have disconnected the hard drive cable enough to where it can't read it (connects by cable at the motherboard and then to hard drive itself).

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With a 166 I assume you're using SIMMs. Tricky thing that. You have to have everything just so so. All the memory usually has to either EDO or not. A lot of times you have to put memory in pairs. Also, some older MBs won't take certain types of memory or memory larger that 16MB. You need to check your MB manual to make sure your new memory is the right type, speed, and size.
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Smile 166 won't run

Mrhoadar thank you for the information on the simms. The computer ran fine until I added the ram and then it wouldn't work, so I took out the extra ram and then it said check cmos error-defaults loaded. cpu is unworkable or has been changed. Check cpu SOFT MENU. I went to soft menu and the date was all wrong so I changed it and then hit enter. When I go back to soft menu it still has the old date. I know nothing about dos setup and that is why I want to go to rop school and learn repairs. I am disabled after 19 years of running cranes for civil service. I have thought about this repair business and there is alot of stuff that the people in the business won't tell you. Like the beeps will tell you what is wrong with a certain hardware, but what do you do to get into that phase for the beeps. I just got two of these 166's one is a amd which I checked the pros. and it says that you can even set it to a 233 I guess you have to set the values and voltage. Listen to this the other one is a intel pent. 166 I put windows 98 second editon on it and it runs fine with 16 ram, you would think it would at least need 32 ram.
My own computer is a 350 and someone that has a shop up north is makeing me a 500 plus computer might be even more, I won't know until he sends it to me.
I worked for hours last night one the amd and still can't get it running, so I am thinking of takeing it apart and using the parts or just wait until I can go to repair school, thank you for answering back.

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