Funny computer tech story


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Funny computer tech story

This story is from a friend of mine who is an independant computer fix-it man. Names deleted to protect the innocent!

I am at a customer's house...

Her sound card isn't working and her video is messed up. Bad or missing drivers are my guess, which is correct. No Operating System CD or disks were included with her computer. Only her Restore disk. I insert the disk to restore her original audio and video drivers...are you sure?...yes. BAM!!! Brand new MS Millennium OS! ALL data erased. It was apparently an Image file of the freshly installed OS and NOT a driver CD. So, I get real nervous, but try not to look it. Run some tests, chkdsk, scandisk, etc. and tell the customer I am going to have to take it to the shop to finish. She agrees and on the almost hour trip back home, I am so sick to my stomach.

I get home and check it with Norton Unformat...2 hours later, no luck. I find a program on the internet from a data recovery group and try the demo. Almost 2 hours later...success. It finds her data, which I will have to manually recover, rename and move to where it goes. Then, it says "Hey idiot, you have to pay me $180 to recover this stuff!" Blah, blah, blah. Okay. $180 later I get a link to download. 420kb later, I have this $180 program...yes, I can fit it on a floppy disk 3 times! Anyway. Looking good, get ready to salvage it, hey, you can't recover data from the active drive, (I need to slave it on a different system first) Okay. I set the HD on the desk and start taking apart my computer to slave it and as I turn around, trip over the keyboard cable pulling it and the HD crashing to the floor. Hook it up and ... NOTHING! Scraping and grinding. No Drive Found, etc. It is completely F*d now. No chance of recovery. Plus, the company does not take returns on software!

Wow, I love this stuff.
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Smile Funny Story


See, now THIS, this is precisely the reason us old F+++s have typewriters! In fact I've got a typewriter so old it prints in Roman Numerals. LOL.

Thanks for a good laugh to start my day!

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This story is kind of a reminder to keep one's hands off other peoples computers.
I am beginning to aquire enough knowlege on computers to the level of being dangerous.
A good freind who is an insurance agent has a level of computer savy has him on his company's help desk at least twice a day.
A short while ago over coffee he complained about how difficult it was for him to access his dial-up connection because he had to make about four clicks starting with the start button.
It took no effort for me to make a shortcut to his desktop.
That was a Friday afternoon.
Somehow when he went in Saturday to sell some insurance, he couldn't access his intranet connection.
Me after arriving back from an out of town trip on Monday had him camped on my doorstep.
We still go out for coffee, but whenever he mentions that there is something he can't afford, he reminds me of a lost sale.
I'm sure you know what the moral to this story is.
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