Wireless connection to the Internet?


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Wireless connection to the Internet?

Hello All

It's dumb question time...

Thinking about getting a laptop and would like to set up a home network so I can work (well... okay, play) on the Internet and share files with my other computer while I'm outside in the gazebo - power is not a problem, but running an additional cable out to maintain internet/network access could be a hassle. Are there wireless systems available that would:

1) allow me to access the internet using my present high-speed (broadband/DSL) server and set-up

2) allow me to interface with my existing equipment (printer, other computer, etc)

How reliable are they, what range can I reasonably expect (present computer is in a room about 50' from the gazebo with a direct line of sight, but thru a glass window), is (are) there models and mfg's to take a closer look at/avoid, any pitfalls, etc...

All this is still in the (probably far) future, but it doesn't hurt to ask and be prepared when I do make the move...

Thanks in Advance to all!

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My brother-in-law is quite happy with his linksys wireless system. Though not quite that far away, it does go trough about 4 walls and the floor before reaching the laptop. As far as I know they have not had any problems. There is some latency associated with wireless but I doubt will be enough for you to notice, even when playing online games such as everquest or ashersons call.

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Wireless is a great option.

Usually a wireless network can reach up to 1400 feet in range. But the warther you go from yoru "Hub" or "Wireless Access Point" (WAP), the slower it gets.

The speed -- 11.0 Mbps to 80.0 Mbps (Mega bits NOT Mega Bytes) This speed overall will be greater than your cable modem so you shouldn't have to worry about that.

Manufacturer? In my opinion, Netgear is best. I have relied on them for a lot of things. They also have good technical support. You can buy their products online, or at a store like bestbuy. Visit http://www.netgear.com . Go there to see what kind of products you will need. To look for the cheapest prices go to http://www.pricegrabber.com

Equiptment - If you have a desktop running WIN 98 SE or higher up to WIN XP, you can use a Wireless NIC (Network Interface Card) that plugs internally into your CPU with a atenna. Or if you have a free USB port, you can purchase a wireless USB Card that works great with desktops.
You will need of course a access point at to which all cards connect from. The is a model at netgear that has a built in Access Point AND router. (I personally did not purchase a router because of reasons).
For notebooks, a simple cards would pug into the PCMCIA Slot into the notebooks.
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Would you check mt post on wireless modems and tell me what you think?

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