computer crashing


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computer crashing

I have had to reinstall Windows 98 on my computer twice in the last month. Its working now, but after about half an hour, the computer gets all kinds of blue screen error messages, and then stops working. I have a feeling its a fan, because after turning it off for a while it will work again for another 1/2 hour. But I just wanted a second opinion, and how do I know which fan it would be? Thank you!
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If it is a fan issue more then likely it will be the cpu fan. If you leave your system running 24-7 like I did you can expect to replace it every 1.5 years or so. (if you get one rated at 30000 hours.) However if you get a cheap no name one you can expect to change it every 6 months, the one on my 1.0 athlon is starting to go out, figure when I have to kick the tower to get it to quiet down its time to replace. Bearings are always first to go (in my case) the fan starts to wobble, taking a ball point pen and touching the center of the fan will stop the wobble and the fan will speed back up.

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Thanks! But now I have a silly question. The CPU fan is not the one I see at the back, right? And do I just take it out to find a replacement? And if it's not the one at the back, where is it. Sorry for all the silly questions. I've added stuff to my pc, but I've never had to replace anything yet, and I'm not quite aware of everything in it. I have a no name that I've had about 2 years, so it's definately time to replace the fan!! Thanks again! Maria
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The cpu fan is inside your computer.

I am bad to buy the cheap ones and end up replacing it every 6 months. Its time for me to do it again. I'm getting blue screens and worse now, auto reboots when I stress/strain the machine with an intensive program or mass deleting and/or moving of pictures/images.


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