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I have a 166 pen that I am playing around with and want to add a second hardrive

I have a 166 pen that I am playing around with and want to add a second hardrive


Old 09-18-02, 10:39 AM
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Smile I have a 166 pen that I am playing around with and want to add a second hardrive

I have a 166 pen. that I am trying to learn on. I want to add a second hardrive to it but don't know how. My first hardrive cable has the hardrive and cd on it going to the first ide on the board.
Can I add another hardrive to the second ide on the board and just make sure the jumper is in the slave position? I am running win 95 on this machine. Will plug and play reg. the second hardrive or do I have to do something else? Also is there a book that can teach me this stuff until I can take a course in Dec. on computer repair. Thanks again for all of your help from everyone.

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Old 09-18-02, 11:44 AM
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2 Hard drives require a lot of power. How many watts is your power supply? Considering your processor, I would recommend at least 200 watts.

Yeah, you can add a second IDE cable to your motherboard and then set the second hard drive to slave. Or if you like, you can take your CD Rom drive out and add your 2nd hard drive to the same cable as the original hard drive. Then Add your Cd rom, and possible even a CD Writer to the second IDE cable.

I really like Mueller's book on upgrading and repairing PCs.
Old 09-19-02, 08:04 AM
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I think the preferred configuration is the cdrom on one ide channel and the two hard drives on the other channel. Set the two drives up for master and slave (make sure drive with your os on it is the master) and when you boot get in the bios to configure for the two drives. Also, don't forget to change the cdrom to "master" if you put it by itself on a channel. Should be an "auto detect hard drives" or something similar option. Fairly self-explanatory. Sometimes takes some trial and error; mb's with newer bios's would tend to be a little more goof-proof.

Additional note - sometimes when you mix and match hd's in a master/slave configuration (like a Maxtor and a Seagate, Western Digital and a Fujitsu) they don't play well together. Conventional wisdom I believe is to try to use drives from the same manufacturer.

Concur on the power supply' check sticker on it to see what it puts out.
Old 09-20-02, 11:48 AM
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If you add the second hardrive to the second ide port it will be a master. You only set slave when you have 2 devices on same ide port. The CDROM should be a slave to the first hard drive since they share the ide1 port.

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