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Unhappy Device Manager question

Here's the scoop:

I'm putting together a Pentium 4/Asus MB system to replace a PIII system, and have some problems.

I'm trying to use the hard drive from the PIII which has Windows 98 First Edition on it.

Booted OK to CMOS without the drive hooked up. I checked the settings and turned on Plug n' Play (or should that be Plug n' Pray?)

Hooked up the drive and it went thru the "found new hardware" routine and got into Windows. Didn't find a mouse, floppy or CD controller, among other things. Installed the Intel chipset drivers and things were going well. Floppy worked. CD worked (no sound card yet). Installed mouse drivers. OK. Devices showed in Device Mgr.

Installed Creative Audigy Gamer sound card, which wanted Win 98 SE. Install complained, but finished OK. But no sound. Went to Device manager, which looked normal. Devices were showing and I resolved some yellow exclamation marks. Creative SB 16 bit emulator had one and I was trying to resolve it, but no joy.

Like an idiot, I clicked on the "Detect Hardware" button and it went thru the whole "New Hardware found" thing again. When I rebooted, most of the devices weren't showing any more. Things like the floppy, mouse and CD are working, however.

Rebooted to safe mode. Reinstalled the Intel chipset drivers. Rebooted. Still missing devices. Rebooted in Safe mode. Devices show (sometimes shows more than one (- floppy, for instance)).

Any ideas?

I'm thinking of installing Win 98 SE (which I have and was going to do after everything was working).

Think that'll fix things?
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It takes a little while but its easier to start with a fresh install with no addons, but keyboard, video, floppy and cdrom. After windows 98 (se) is installed and running, load chipset drivers, make sure all drivers for the MB are loaded and working properly, reboot. load the drivers for video, configure how you want. Shut down. Install next device, ie sound. Reboot, install drivers and configure. Any problems you run into should be rather easy to fix since you dont have any device conflics (or shouldn't). shut down, next device, etc....

In my experience windows (95-2000 pro) has some difficulty setting up irq's and mem addresses when all devices are installed at once. Even following the one device at a time I usualy have some issues with creative sound and irq steering, usualy uninstall the sound card, reboot, shut down, install sound card and is given a good irq, once in a while I have had to move to diff pci slot, no experience with the amr slot yet.

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Your old install of Windows probably still has the devices installed in the device manager. If you swapped the old hardward over to the new computer, they may, or may not, work correctly. I would go to device manager and delete every device, one at a time and let windows detect and reinstall each one. I would start with the ones that are showing up twice.

I would uninstall the sound card until the machine was upgraded to 98SE, then install. I don't think that you want the soundcard to be running as a 16bit emulator.

just my $.02
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I know installing everything at once is not a good idea, but the hard drive, cd, floppy, keyboard and mouse were all from the same machine. I though I might get awaywith putting them in the new box with the new motherboard, installing the chipset drivers, and instant joy. Call me a dreamer.


I was hesitant to uninstall everything (like motherboard, USB devices etc.), but I did uninstall most of the stuff eventually and reinstalled it.


I did the Win98SE upgrade. Went OK. Had sound. Still can't see all devices in Device Mgr except in Safe Mode.

Installed the CD-RW. Made it the master and the changed the original CD-R to slave on the same cable. I know this can cause buffer underrun/overrun problems, but when copying a CD, if you copy from the CD-R to a drive image, then to the CD-RW, it usually works fine.

Had no sound, so I uinstalled the sound card. Reinstalled. Works OK with one minor issue. There are 4 audio connections on the sound card - 1 main (analogue), 1 main (digital), 1 aux and 1 TAD (voice modem).
(I haven't installed the modem yet. It's next.) I have the CD-RW hooked to the mains (both analogue and digital), and the CD-R hooked to the aux. Don't have sound from the CD-R. (Had this on another Creative sound card, but I can't remember how I fixed it.)

Next the modem.

After that, I plan to hook up the new Hard Drive as a slave, disk-image the old HD to the new, pull the old and make the new the master (and only HD).

Wish me luck.
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Installed Win 98SE. All went well. Reinstalled chipset drivers. Again all went well.

Sound works.

Installed modem. OK.

Installed new hard drive as a slave. Fdisk'ed. OK. Format took two tries to work. (?) Went OK.

Found a Freeware utility on the 'net, called xxcopy. It fits on a floppy. Installed it, followed the instructions in the readme, which basically says run it from Windows in a DOS window, (took about 15 mins to copy the old drive (3+ gig of data) to the new drive), remove the old drive and make the new one master, Fdisk the new drive to set the active partition and copy the master boot record, reboot and voila!

Wonder of wonders - it actually worked!

Everything's up and running .

Thanks for your suggestions.

(Still don't see all devices in Device Mgr, except in safe mode. What's up with that?)

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