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J A Boggan
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Question Optical mouse

Could someone expain just what an "optical mouse" is and some theory behind it? Please don't get very technical.
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Hey J A Boggan, simply put, mouse with no rubber trackball that rolls on a mouse pad as you move it around. There is an optical eye on the bottom of the mouse the reads movement on any surface. I have a M$ version and will never go back to standard mice of any kind. The wife does a few games involving rapid clicks and moving to the optical mouse improved her scores 5%. I say the reason for that is the Intellimouse is USB (FAST) hookup. Seems someone invented a better mouse. M/Soft has a new no frills version for $20....Mike
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J A Boggan
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Sounds good but does it take any kind of special drivers or software ect. I really appreciate the information.
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A regular Optical Mouse is usually Plug and Play into your system if you have above Windows 98 or your computer supports Plug and Play.

As for any software, you might need to install the software from the CD that is given to you to use extra features on the mouse such as a Web Scrrol Button Menu, or extra buttons on the side. But not necessary.
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Micro$oft Intellimouse comes with a CD with driver on it but plugging in the USB jack was all I did and Windows 98se found the mouse pronto. My mouse was 49.99 at Office Depot and has a scroll wheel that works but the extra two buttons that can be used with the thumb are not programed and the site MS gives to learn how to program them never will come up so they remain useless a year later.....Mike

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