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Wireless Network

I have a small wireless network in my house. A desktop computer that connects to the internet via broadband. Another desktop. And a laptop. Internet is shared via MS-ICS

All of a sudden, while I had my wireless network running under Infrastructure [which worked perfectlyfor months
!!], it no longer communicates with other computers and the computer icon is "Red". I cannot connect to my home network.

But I put it in AdHoc mode and it works. But I read that Ad Hoc does not use an Access Point, and has many disadvanteges. And I want to use my access point.

-----So why is it working in Ad Hoc and not in Infrastructure? I want to use it in Infrastructure.
-----And can some one explain to me the difference between the two in simple terms?
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By the way its a 802.11b . And 2 computers have XP and one laptop has WIN 98
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I think the overall opinion of this bulletin board is that a home network with a shared broadband connection is best settup using a router. Preferably, a router with basic firewall protection incuded. Then connect varies computer with wireless hubs or wires. Simplifies a whole lot of settings.
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Yeah yeah. Everyone tells me to get a router. But my cable modem provider is very trickey [Comcast]. There is already 2 NICs in one computer with Internet Access. And If I get a router, I will have to plug my cable modem into the router, and everythink will go blank from there. The internet won't work then, and the people aren't very helpful at comcast. They will tell me

"Oh, a Wireless Network, well we will just send you a technician and charge you a thousand dollars a minute and then go away with your modem and come back 2 weeks later"

[[I don't care how much it cost, I would be willing to pay anything. But time is something I don't have. That's all.]]

And I made my main comptuer with Internet Access be the only one that actually talks to the internet. The other comptuer talk to the main computer, sort of making that computer a router. And yeah, it has memory for that. Using Microsoft Internet Connection Sharing that comes with Windows XP.
Also, Microsoft tells you on the Network Connection Wizard, that you can use this option instead of purchasing a router or "other hardware".

And it works perfectly fine. But now it dosen't work in Infrastructure, but it works in AdHoc. I think theres something fishy with the Access Point being able to communicate with the main computer. I just want some advice.

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I know that Comcast used to register the hardware address of your NIC and that was the only machine that was registered on their network as a valid address. They also used to (I don't have them anymore so I don't know) allow you to register multiple NIC's with them.
I know that the LinkSys router allows you to enter a "fake" hardware address (MAC) that is visible to the outside world. i.e. Comcast.
That way you can enter the MAC from the NIC on your machine that is currently connected to cable modem. Comcast will have no idea that a different machine is hooked up. If you get the LinkSys wireless router you can have it mimic your exisitting MAC to Comcast, and then act as a router to the rest of your network.

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