"send to" Folders


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"send to" Folders

how can i organized my "send to"
to deleted and ad new folders?
OS ME...
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Cool More...

I donít understand what you are asking. Check your spelling and be a bit more specific... No need to abbreviate, there is plenty of room for your question. Also which email program are you using?
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sorry, i'm trying to change the "send to"
menu when i right click a file. on my windows me.
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Cool Ok...

OK so you are trying to change the menu that comes up on the right click "Send To" dialog right? Are you wanting to change it to another email program or what? You can change a few things on the right click menu but I would have to dig a little to figure it out. Most the links there are for quick move of pictures etc for mailing, to move to documents etc. So whadda yah want to do today?
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LNKs and PIFs are organized by creation date and time. Special links (Desktop, Mail, My Documents) are organized hierarchically within the registry: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\CLASSES

To organize existing LNKs, PIFs, and speical folders, copy them to another folder, delete sendto, defrag, recreate sendto, then copy them back in the desired order.

You do not control the order of special links. If you want them at the end create or move them last. Create new LNKs or PIFs first. If Desktop, Mail or MyDoc, links are deleted use the following batch file to recreated them.

cut n' paste below - name "sendt.bat" include quotes if Notepad or Wordpad is used. Note: wrapped lines in this display should disappear when cut & pasted.

@echo off
if "%windir%"=="" goto IsDOS
if not "%OS%"=="" goto NT
echo Desktop, Mail, and MyDocs, links will
echo be created if they do not exist.
echo Do not continue if:
echo drives have been mounted or
echo drive letters are substituted
choice /c:yn "Continue "
if errorlevel 2 goto End

if exist %windir%\SendTo\nul goto IsDesk
choice /c:yn "create %windir%\SendTo "
if errorlevel 2 goto End
md %windir%\SendTo

if exist %windir%\SendTo\"Desktop (create shortcut).DeskLink" goto Mail
rem>%windir%\SendTo\"Desktop (create shortcut).DeskLink"
echo created: %windir%\SendTo\DESKTO~1.DES

if exist %windir%\SendTo\"Mail Recipient.MAPIMail" goto MyDoc
rem>%windir%\SendTo\"Mail Recipient.MAPIMail"
echo created: %windir%\SendTo\MAILRE~1.MAP

if exist %windir%\SendTo\"My Documents.mydocs" goto End
if "%temp%"=="" set temp=%windir%\temp
for %%p in (h.scr m1) do if exist %temp%\%%p goto Err
for %%q in (%path%) do if exist %%q\debug.exe goto Scr
goto NoDebug

echo e 0100 'Send To My Documents' 0a 0a 0>%temp%\h.scr
echo rcx>>%temp%\h.scr
echo 17>>%temp%\h.scr
echo n %temp%\m1>>%temp%\h.scr
echo w>>%temp%\h.scr
echo q>>%temp%\h.scr
debug <%temp%\h.scr
del %temp%\h.scr
move %temp%\m1 %windir%\SendTo\"My Documents.mydocs"
echo created: %windir%\SendTo\MYDOCU~1.MYD
goto End

echo run in WinDOS
goto End

echo %0 - Win9x kernel [9x, ME]
goto End

echo debug.exe is required to create
echo %windir%\SendTo\MYDOCU~1.MYD
echo Not found in: %path%
goto End

echo Not created: %windir%\SendTo\MYDOCU~1.MYD
echo existing files in %temp%
echo would be overwritten

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