Liquid Spilled In Computert


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Liquid Spilled In Computert

What, if anything, can be done if liquid (in this case, beer) has been spilled in the computer?
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Where in/on the computer was the beer spilled? Did you see sparks, hear anything shorting out, or does the computer even work now?

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Jacque Schidt
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If it's just the keyboard, there are several options. If it is in the motherboard and power supply, you are morte limited as to what you can do.

By the way, love your username. You get that from Frank?

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Spilling beer should be a federal crime punished by death

Regardless, I have spilt my fair share, and from experience, the stuff tends to be extremely sticky. Hopefully you didn't spill it into the case. If you did, do not start up the comp. Pull the case apart, and carefully wipe down (dry wipe) anything sticky, not sure what kind of chemicals can be used on electronics for cleaning, maybe someelse knows...rubbing alchohol maybe?
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The Soulgirl
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The perfect tool for removing alcahol from any given surface is freely available to anyone. Firstly, and very importantly, make sure you pull the mains lead... then, very gently extend your tongue to reach beyond your nose and use long, light strokes over your entire mobo and any connecting cards. Let this dry completely and piece back together carefully. Allow to stand for 24 hours and then plug back in... make sure that you switch the mains on with a wooden broom handle just in case.

If it was just the keyboard - soak in the bath for half hour, remove and give a damn good shake and leave somewhere warm to dry for 24 hours.

Karen x
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Naughty, Naughty

Try this at your own risk!!
There is not a single, sure-fire method for cleaning.
There are some electronic cleaning products available, check............... oh I hate to identify them....... radio shack.
Degreasing sprays, etc..
Please unplug the PC and examine where beer was spilled. Is the residue in an area that can be sprayed with solvent (that's what it will take to remove 'gunk')? READ the LABEL for the electronic cleaner, as you clean your PC at your own risk, for proper use and warnings.

My thoughts on keyboard and mouse, if they became intoxicated, dispose of in proper manner and interview new, sober replacements.

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I agree with replacement of keyboard and mouse. They can be inexpensive, and there are some cool stuff out there compared to what comes with a prepackaged system. My keyboard that my son got me for Christmas was a whole whopping $10 including shipping. Works much better than the cheapo piece of crud that came with the original system.

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Thumbs up Liquid spilled in Computer

Having a teenager spill juice on the keyboard I can relate. I did salvage the keyboard by rinsing throughly under warm water (ONLY), popping off the keys followed by a good sunbathing session outside. Personally I think more than 24 hours would be best just to be sure it's really dry. Make sure you do the rinse after you disconnect from the computer One bright side to this: it will force you to clean all those crumbs and cat hairs from under the keys, too.


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