getting around a firewall


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getting around a firewall

at my job, there is cyber patrol, and access is denied to some websites. i am trying to get to my mail in hotmail...which is denied. does anyone know a way that i could get to my mail and bypass cyber patrol?
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Jacque Schidt
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Do you have a computer at home with a full time Internet connection? If so, you can download Radmin and set your home computer up as a server, and operate the home computer from work.

Depending on how good your company firewall is, that may be the only way.
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Try or something like that, there are some sites that cloak you and allow you to get around that.

My suggestion, if your firewall blocks it at work, then forget it, Jobs are too hard to comeby these days, and I am sure your job is worth more than an email.
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I have the same problem at work with filters. Try what works for me. Go to and click the Hotmail tab at the top. This takes you to a different hotmail address and may fool the system. It works for me. You can also try a proxy server, do a search for a free one and see if that works as well.
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Jacque Schidt
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Our corporate firewall will block any site that advertises or offers a proxy server. They also block sites like this one. That is why I mentioned Radmin, it is the only way I have found to get out of here.
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does your company have VPN? My company doesnt monitor the vpn ports, so if i want to get around websense at work I vpn on the network back to the network
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My advice is don't screw with your job, discuss the matter with your it department/computer services , I am not sure why hotmail would be blocked, but the computers are owned by the company you work for and they can decide how their computers are used and what excess or restrictions on internet they permit their employees. Right or wrong or outright stupidity , it is their call. Your it department/computer services will usually help in any problems within the guildlines set worth by company management.
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The best solution would be for you to simply change your job and move into the IT department. Then you could probably bypass the firewall. Either that or convince the IT manager that Hotmail is essential to your job function, and they absolutely need to add your computer's IP address to "allow all" list

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