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Question popups

How do I get rid of the hundreds of popups I seem to get every
time I go on line. HELP!
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I had this very problem, and I installed AdSubtract, a software which worked so well, it stopped EVERYTHING in its tracks. The only problem was, that I kept getting a Work Offline error message each time I tried to go from screen to screen while surfing the net.

I posted my predicament here in this forum, and, on 9-16, ToddB was kind enough to turn me on to www.adsgone.com

It has a free trial period, and the cost, if you decide to subscribe to it online is less than $20.

Since I've had it installed, my popups, banners, gifs, ads, etc. are all but gone. I still get an occasional one, but not like before.

With the Adsubtract from Valusoft, I got NONE, whatsoever; you might have a system which will not give you the Work Offline error message like I kept getting.

Anyway, try one or both of these and your popups will go bye bye to the land of wind and ghosts (kinda like Mr. Sparkle).

Regards -Wiz
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I use PopUp Killer which works very well, is free and can be checked into to here http://downloads-zdnet.com.com/3000-2366-10024312.html
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Popup Ad Filter is excellent. I get "0" popup ads. It was shareware with a time limit but I lkied it so much I forked over the $24.95 for the license (which I normally don't do).

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Pop Up Stopper fromis another good version. It is available @ www.panicware.com
There are three different versions.Scroll down to the third one,It is free and stops about 99% of pop up ads.One hitch is that when trying to open a link from a website you have to hold the Ctrl button down.But these seems alot less annoying than all the pop ups.
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The problem with your pop-ups is likely a rogue program installed by you unknowingly on accident. I recently had this problem. These programs are also spy ware, watching your internet surfing habits then tailoring the pop ups to you, and more.

2 things to do.( a pop up killer will work, but you are not getting rid of the root problem) Goto download.com and download adaware for free. Run it and get rid of all the crap it comes up with.

Go through your programs and clean up everything you don't want or know what it is. Look at the startup icons to the left of the time in the lower right corner. Quite often you can see them there. I had one piece of crap program call precision time that was throwing all kinds of pop ups.

I did a search on my puter for "gator" gator is a common spyware-pop up company and came up with quite a few things, found that the precision time program was nothing more than a disquise fore their pop up program, clicked on another icon and the software pulled up a screen that had 3 different choices for pop ups, the default choice being, " put up pop-ups when ever necessary" All of this was hidden on my puter and had to do some searching. The spyware program adaware will likely take care of this.

Many sites have pop ups that are unrelated to this. For that, the pop up killers work great.
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Just some thoughts...

I find it is the pop-ups that are the most annoying, I think most of us can tolerate ads on webpages , but when you get an additional popup every page you click to , and then get 2 more while you are trying to close out the popup that just came up, it gets to be a bit much. Most good sites and the webmasters that create them stay away from popups that was not user initiated. But there are some that seem to push ads ,etc a bit much. I don't have a problem with ads as long as they are on the main webpages (not thru popups) and don't take away from the info or purpose of the website itself. It costs money to maintain a website and ads are one way of trying to recover the costs, although I find even with ads it is usually still a tough run to break even, I have websites that gets several hundred uniques visits a day and I tried ads thru a commission basis and I just found they were not making money , currently I donl't run any ads , and adsorb the cost of website entirely myself. If I do add any ads down the road it will be limited to very few. Too many take away from the site.

I do feel from first hand experience how tough it is to sell and compete and make money from ads, and meet the expenses in creating a site for others to enjoy, so I wonder where the companies/individuals are coming from when trying to write software to prevent users from seeing their ads and preventing them from any chance of recovering even a small amount of the expenses of maintaining the site you want to see.

popups are usually started with a piece of javascript code embedded on the webpage. turning the javascript mode off should eliminate the popups, however that may not be the best idea as other parts of the webpage may not work properly if you do that.

A few to check for, check add/remove programs in yoru control panel, and look for the obvious programs that should not be there. Also check start/programs/start up/
these are things that start on bootup. spyware is bits of programs embeded in other programs that monitors among otherthings your browsing habits, in other words if you can figure out what kind of websites you visit you will can direct certain types of ads in your interest area to you. adware will help spot and eliminate that however some programs will not work if you remove the spyware.

Adult sites are one of the worst sites to can get for popups and installing things on you computer without asking and it is there before you have a chance to say no to it, there are also a few others that do it also.

I personally feel that really respected sites stay away from popups and don't let there on page ads take away from the site, and I for one don't use popup's and never used spyware.
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My method:

Like someone said, many popups come from programs like Gator, Companion, and those type spy ware. Download the free AdAware from www.lavasoftusa.com and remove all the spyware. Be sure and bookmark that address so you can get updated reference files from time to time, as the spyware writers keep improveing their product.

Also, I have been a long time user of the free version of Zone Alarm, and I recently upgraded to the Pro version for $24.95. It allows you several layers of protection from animated banners, and popups, even to the point of disallowing any ad, banner or otherwise. I have it block all popups and popunders, as well as any ad that does not load in three seconds.

Since the upgrade, my surfing experience has been so great, I quit surfing during my lunch hour at work, because I can't load this (or any other) software at work.
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Cool Panicware...

www.panicware.com This is an excellent stopper. I was using Analog X stopper but it seemed to fill up and cease working. Analog X would not return my email questions and I sent several so off it came. Buy the Panicware PRO version, I have been running it for about a month now and it is very effective. Some people even crack stuff like this, places like http://www.cracks.ru/ help with this…
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I use pop-up stopper pro, and it is the best you can get.
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Pop-up Stopper THE BEST!!

I have to agree, their products have been the best I've found. And registation can be found with very little effort on the net. Personally, I use Pop-up Stopper Companion. Works GREAT!!!
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The easiest way and cheapest way to kill pop ups is to go into tools in Internet Explorer - Internet options - click on the security tab - click on the Custom Level button - scroll down to the Scripting section which is near the bottom of the list. There should be a subsection called Active scripting. Click disable. Apply and OK. Bye bye pop-ups.
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Cool Panicware...

But in turning off active scripts you will miss a lot of content on the net. Pictures will not display etc. Try Panicware, I think you'll be happy and IF you spend the $30 it will be worth it.
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I'm new to this forum, so not sure if I'm allowed to include downloads of apps, or their cracks, but willing to if permitted.
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I really do not want to get that started. I personally do not see a problem with cracking a game or such. Piracy is such a hot topic right now. I do think that downloading songs etc do not hurt as much as the RIAA and such seem to think. When you really think about it all we are doing when we purchase a CD is paying for some “Artists” next fix or woman of the evening. You cannot swing a dead cat today without hitting a celebrity that is in either rehab or jail! In addition, what it boils down to is you and I pay for the fix or woman with the royalties from the music/video media. Not to mention some record producer that is bending the actual artist over… Jeez, I need to write Dennis Miller, I rant worse than he does! However, if you have any good links to crack sites I would love to have them for "Evaluation" purposes...

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