Computer crashes


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J A Boggan
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Question Computer crashes

Is there anyway to check for viruses. My computer 'crashes' once or twice a day (or it locks up), for no apparent reason. Is there any software or business that might could help. I've got an older 200 Mhz Dell, 4.4 Gig. hard drive, with 32 Megs of ram. I've got Windows 98, Use Opera 5.01 and have a dial-up ISP with bellsouth. My hard drive has approximately 1 Gig free space. I was wondering if a virus could cause this action.
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There are so many things that cause Win98 to crash it would be hard to blame it on anyone thing or on a virus. The usual answer is to reinstall Windows at least every couple of years. As for viruses, the usual suspects, McAffe, Norton, Sophos, and several others.

Other things that can cause this
Bad spot in the hard drive
Bad Memory
Conflicting Programs
Corupt Registry.
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J A Boggan
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Wouldn't 'Norton System Works' be applicable for some of these problems.
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I would also try the as there could be some bugs in Windows that could be corrected. Just click on the produst updates link and it will read what you may need to install. Make sure all of the critical updates are installed.
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Actually, Norton could be the problem. Some of the early versions of Systems Works (not the anit-virus) did have issues with the Microsoft Registry. The Norton program did come with virus protection but a anti-virus program is only as good as its last update. Norton has changed antivirus engines several time so there may be no updates if your program is more than 2 yrs old.

If you want to try to save the installation before trying a reinstall, here is my suggestion

Uninstall Norton
Run the Microsoft updates mention by Buster69
Install a newer copy of Norton AntiVirus with updates
Run a Defrag.
Hope and pray the problems go away.
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I am not familiar with Opera. Is this a browser or email prog?
IF you use IE for browser, delete contents in Cookies and History folders (keep the folders). Also check your TEMP folder, delete anything you do not need to keep. (This is to free more HDD space) If Opera is a browser, dig around and find where it caches files, read the online manual for details.

Turn off anti-virus and do scandisk, then defrag the HDD.
This MAY help.

Lotsa good advise out here, but before you decide on reloading OS, backup important information!!

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