Blurry Display...


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Blurry Display...


My mom calls me and tells me that she picked up a monitor from her work that they were gonna throw away. She asked why they were gonna do that, and they said that it was just too damn big for anyone to use........... think again.

I bring my new "TV" into my room, f'n 21" Dell monitor. Now this might not be anything out of the ordinary, but its a nice step from my 15"er

Anywho, I turn this bad boy on, and everything is going smooth. It boots up to XP, and it almost looks like I have double vision.....

Everything on the desktop is blurry by 1/2 a millimeter.

Any reasons/solutions for this?

I have a ATI All-In-Wonder Radeon 7500 w/ win XP
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Sounds like focus adjustment. There MAY be an adjustment inside. If so it is close to where the CRT high voltage connection comes out. IF YOU ATTEMPT THIS, BE WARNED !! THERE ARE LETHAL VOLTAGES INSIDE A MONITOR !!

A job best left to a pro.
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May be the tec guys were not telling your mum the real reason as to why they were throwing it away
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It is possible that your overdriving the monitor. Some of the older large monitor were designed for 800x600. So, you can play with the resolutions, color depth and in the advanced settings you can lower the refreash rate to 60Hz or lower. Probably, though, the monitor needs word. Try a TV repair place and see if they can tweek it for less than it costs to buy a used 21" Refurbished Dell Monitor.
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does the screen look fine before you go into XP? if so delete your monitor and display drivers and reinstall them.
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It could be the monitor. If it was working fine they probably wouldn't give it away.
Then again it might be ATI. They are known for driver screwups. I have problems with my ATI 7500 AIW.
And it also could be the settings. Try changing the freqeuncy to something that monitor might like better (like 60Hz).
Good luck.

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