internet explorer


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internet explorer

I think my explorer has been corupted,
i keep on getting errors when trying to access road runner.
the error says contact microsoft, does nothing, it won't let me. the box keeps coming up, try to close it after 20 trys, i finally get on..
how do you uninstall explorer, and start over to reinstall a new one.can this be done?
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Todd B
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First, go to and download Internet Explorer 6.1, save it to your hard drive for future use.

Go to the control panel, then start the add/remove programs applet, remove Internet Explorer. Depending on the version of windows you have, you may or may not be able to remove it like this. In XP, you will have to go to the windows components section for this. In Win2K, I think you can only downgrade it to version 5. Also, sometimes when you try to uninstall IE, it will allow you to select Repair as an option, if so, try this first - it may be just that simple. If not, uninstall IE as much as you can and reboot, then install IE6.1

Good Luck.

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Let's try to be Lucky

If running Windows 9x/Me and IE 5.x; try to uninstall and use the repair option.
Click; Start\Settings\Control Panel\Add-Remove Software. Start the removal process, it will ask if you want to remove/re-install/repair. Choose repair and see if problem is solved.

Also check free space available on HDD, best to have more than 100MB free.

Just quick answers from the cuff.


PS I have posted about low virtual memory today. May be helpful. BC25
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Cool MORE...

Operating system, memory, hard drive size and available space would be nice… People you have got to give more than "My cars broke down" what kind of car? Or computer etc?
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windows 98 2nd, 13 g harddrive, 120 mb ram
ie 5.6 10 gigs left.
thanks for the response todd and blue
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Mike's right in asking what operating system. IE6 will give you nothing but grief in Win98. Stick with 5 or 5.5 and go no higher!

Please take my word with this one.

Do go to windows update and get the criticals. You may have to download a critical update, reboot and then go back again to get the next one. Just please don't install 6 on a system running 98se or 9x anything. Also, after updating if you still have probs then do the repair. Most times, that won't work anyway.


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