Blank CD-R Music


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Thumbs up Blank CD-R Music

I have been told that I can put photos on a new blink music CD R == yes / no thank a bunch RoylMouse
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Cool MORE...

Jeez, what burning software are you using???
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Cool why not???

I have never tried using a music cd-r for anything, but have been told the only difference was the packaging.
Just try it. The disks are cheap enough.

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I've read that the only difference is the length. You can put a few more megs on it, but the quality is the same. A regular cd holds 70M and music hold 74M. Pricewise, not a deal. They are so much more expensive.

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Gary Tait
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All things considered, a computer CDR and a music CDR are the same, except a computer (data) CDR has it's usage flag set to
"Restricted Use Only", and therefore can be use only in computer
CD-R drives. An audio CDR has it's usage flag set to
"General Use", and therefore can be used in anything that writes
to CDR.

Also of note (unless I am wrong), only the big name brand
CD manufaturers tend to make Audio CDRs, as well as Data CDRs,
but the off brand Asian companies tend to make just Data CDRs.

You can put photos on either (as JPEGs or whatever,
or if your burnig software allows, a Kodak Photo CD).
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I've never had a problem using basic cd-r disks in my stereo. The rewrite-ables are the ones that if you record music on them won't play in anything but a computer cd-rom.

To keep my kids out of my cd's and each other's, I purchase a cd and then burn copies for my kids. Haven't had a problem yet.

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Actually, don't bother with the "music cdr's" at all. the reason that they are so expensive is that they are taxed by the big 5 music companies and take royalties off of the cd's for "supposed losses in sales" due to burning. They are pretty much a scam, so they can sell them to people with burners, thinking they need them to create good "music" copies, then they make their royalties.

In the last 3 years I have burnt easily over 5000 music cd's, and take my word on it, you don't need the "music" ones.
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Answer: yes.

To answer RoyleMouse's question: yes, you can do it. you will have no problems with the pictures.

We just hate for people to waste their money on a cd-r that is so pricey when the 25 cent each cd-r's do the same job, just a little less space.

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If I can find it I will post it. But once upon a time long ago (7 months or so) heard a story on the radio about "seperate cd-r's. one for data and one for music" Wondering how on earth they could pre-code the cd chemical(s) to tell the difference if it was being used for music or for data. Everything I found said the story was just a bunch of mumbo jumbo crapola and a money making scheme for the music industry. If you think about it, no matter what format the data is when you burn it to cd is still just data, wether music, picture, warez, programs, os's, what ever, still just digital data. There may be a difference in the way the data is burned, wether music or data. (not ever sure if I care enough to look it up,) All I care about is that the burn is good and error free. There is something to be said about brand-name cd-r's or cd-rw's though. I wont drop any names, but I have quite a few coasters from the "el cheapo" cd-r's.

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Music CD-Rs are all a marketing trick. And unfortuntely, my daughter "bit" and bought me some Sony 'musics' for Xmas.
When I explained the difference in cost she gladly returned them.

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Thumbs up Music CD/RS For PHOTOS

Thanks every Buddy for you're apinune on the music Cd's
I have put photos on a music Cdr and looked at them on
my computer and on a Friends also.
They look grate / no problem ........
Thanks again john ...
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Gary Tait
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Chemically, there is no difference between a
CDR sold as an "audio" CDR and a "Data" CDR,
just a flag is set in the ATIP (A read only region of the disc the burner reads to get info on the disk), which at the end of the day, dis-allows standalone audio CD recorders to use anything but the royalty paid Audio CDR blanks (by reading the ATIP, and responding accordingly).

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