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Hi I wonder if you could help me understand wireless abit more. I am soon to go DSL and have 2 desktops and one laptop. So here is the question..... In the puter scenerio I have just outlined, would I need the router and 2 pc adapters and one lap card?
Or would the router be attached to the main computer and I would just need one of each?

I am interested in the post I have read here about a cell phone pcmcia card for my laptop? The laptop I have is a Toshiba 3000 Q65, would the pcmcia card do the same as an adapter for a wireless?
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Gary Tait
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You could do it one of two ways:

Have your desktop computers on a conventional
wired network, with a wireless gateway exclusively for
the laptop (I think you can get a wireless router with a built in
wired hub for wired network).

Or have the gateway serve the outside network to all your
PCs, each with a wireless adapter.

For your laptop, the wireless network card will be a PCMCIA card,
and no, the card you use connect to a cell phone will not
be the same. You would use that card if you are away from
a wireless network and need dial-in access to whereever.
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It is impossible to wire my computers together in my home... all walls and ceilings are finished, so I will likely have to get a wireless router and 3 wireless cards.
Thanks for your help.
By the way, have you any knowledge of the US Robotics Wireless router and cards, in Canada there is only one store that sells this product ( lots of modems, etc ... but no wireless) How would I find out what format the dsl company uses ( so that the router will be adaptable?)
And do servers usually have a problem with a wireless system? Will they want to bill me more?
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The wireless router should say whether or not it is DSL compatible router or just Ethernet. You can also ask your DSL provider which brands they suggest or support. Also, they shouldn't bill you more for more computers but who knows what the phone company will try and get away with.

One other piece of advice, cheaper wireless equipment is not encrypted. Hence, you may have neighbors getting on to your network and borrowing an IP address from your router and using your bandwidth.
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Gary Tait
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As long as the broadband modem has an ethernet conection,
it will be compatible with just about all wireless routers.
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