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I need help. I have two computers, the main one I use is connected to a cable modem. I would like to connect the second computer up on the same modem so my son can get on the internet at the same time. What do I need to know and what hardware do I need. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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Easiest way it to get a broadband router. Cost from 50 to 150. Netgear, Linksys, and D-link make good ones.

Another option is to share your internet connection. One of my friends use to do this and although its cheaper I feel its more complicated for the casual user to setup.
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ummmmm can I add a bit?

shaolin9458 is right, but I gather you are very newbie..... so....

I suggest a broadband router that has 4 ports built-in.
You will need CAT-5 cable with RJ-45 ends (looks like wide phone plug) of appropriate length to reach from the router to each PC. Can be purchased at any computer store ( Hell, even Radio Shack,,,, gag, gag)

Sorry for the poor grammar and spelling. Its late and Momma ain't here to tell me where I goofed.

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To connect my Windows 98 and XP Pro PCs together to share files and to give them both access to the internet. I bought a Linksys BEFSRU31 USB/Cable/DSL router. In hindsight I didn't need USB. If you don't need USB you can get a BEFSRU41. The 41 will support ZoneAlarm Pro which is a good relatively inexpensive firewall. You can get the 41 for under $100.

Following the setup instructions is easy and everything worked the first time. And if you have problems you can always post here again.

Good Luck


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