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Cool !!warning!! Update 11/2

I have found out that disabling Windows Messenger also has an effect on MSN Messenger after all. The article I read said it didn’t and I have left them a note about it. But what you can do to help a little is to stop Messenger from loading on start up but only load when you call it (there are two settings, Load on startup and load when called, use the load when you call it feature). I do believe when you shut MSN Messenger it also takes Messenger with it. The post below still applies to people NOT using MSN Messenger. I have no idea if it affects ICQ or AOHell. Trinitro? BSB? You guys seen this yet?

Well some naked caffeine tranced geek with no social life a keyboard and a nipple ring has come up with a way to use Microsoft Messaging built into all Windoze builds and used for network administrators to notify personnel of network status, notes etc. He has come up with a way to use WM to send us spam! Do not confuse WM with MSN Messenger! I thought so what my network is somewhat hidden blah, blah, blah. I actually received a pop up on the desktop sometime during the night. For Viagra of course, longer, fatter, bigger, thinner, faster, with a goat… Jeez does it never end! OK so if you do not need this feature then disable it. There are no adverse consequences to doing this performance wise.
The best way is to read your own F1 help question on “Windows Messaging”. A dialog box will come up and the first question answer is how to disable WM. In XP Pro you run a reg edit type program, very cut and dry. XP Home is different but still very easy to do. Did not check into 2000 and below but if it is this easy in XP then it should be easy on down the line.

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Unhappy yep, so sad.

Personally, I prefer Linux and this preference allows me to walk away from all of those 'Microsoft' problems (along with other issues like licensing costs). But for me, being different matters very little, I'm not asking to be part of mainstream computing... I can live just fine with Linux software which is not Microsoft generated. Other people cannot always take the same path.

IIRC, this kind of messaging thing is fairly hard to commit under Linux, even when using default (e.g. automatic, or predecided) installation choices. If the Linux system needs more security (and some setups do), then there are security tools available in Linux which, I believe, the IT industry considers to be quite superior to Microsoft security tools.

I agree with you, bigmike, that some hoser tossing spam and junk at you is just another rock in the roadway.... too bad we all need to get frustrated by their pranks.

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