possible bad hard drive


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possible bad hard drive

I have a friend that has a HP XT963 running win xp or was. The other day she got a blue screen with alot of writing on it but before she could read it the computer shut down.When she tried to boot back up she got the blue HP invent screen and after a few seconds she got the black screen that advised operating system not found. I thought I would bring it over to my place and see if I could talk to HP support and try and figure it out. They had me move cables around from CD-Rom and Hard drive which we did. Before we did that the hard drive wasn't found in Bios . After the change it wasn't detected in Bios either therefore they advised the hard drive had gone bad. I had a 10gb hard drive out of a HP Pavilion 6630 that had windows 98SE on it.I put it in the HP XT963 but bios still doesn't detect it. Does that mean that something else is wrong besides the hard drive or is because the two hard drives had different OS on them? I hate to go out and buy a new hard drive and it be something else. I have checked all the cables and took the ram out and reseated it.The ram is showing up in bios as well as the floppy drive and CD-R. Thanks in advance for any and all help.
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This unit has a 1 year minimum warranty which should cover the hard drive. anyway, will the drive spin up at all? make any sound? will the other one? are they configured right?i.e. master, or cable select? are you running the auto configure in bios? will either one work on a different computer? if they wont show up as master, will they as slave? so many little things to check.
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I called about the warranty to find out when HP buys the hard drive from Seagate the warranty starts then.In this case the computer was bought at Wal-Mart in Dec of 2001 and the warranty ran out on Jan 1-02. Not much warranty time,I thought the same as you maybe 1 year. The hard drive in the XP machine makes a sound like it is trying to start up but never does but it's found in bios either.No changes were made before the computer quit nor had it ever been opened up. On the other side of the fence when I plugged up my hard drive that has windows 98 on it the green light on the hatd drive itself lights up so I know it is getting power to it but bios didn't detect it either. A friend told me he thought it was because the w indows 98 was on the fat system and windows xp is on another system . Thanks for your response,looking forward to more.Going to try and have the hard drive checked today and get a new one but would still like to here possible reasons in case this happen again I might be able to help a friend.
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At power up a hard drive should start spinning without any "major" noises. If it sounds like it wants to start but can't, or if it sounds like somebody is banging something inside then the drive is back. A no start means the main bearing has gone south, a banging noise means the heads went haywhire. The fact that the "new" drive doesn't work doesn't mean the computer is bad. Make sure the cable is ok, and make sure the new drive is setup as master. Also, before you do that start the computer without any drives connected, go in the BIOS and make sure everything is set to auto-detect. It's very rare that hard drives go bad after only 2 years, but it has happened.
I'm personally not a big fan of Seagate, most of the drives I use are WD and Maxtor. IBM makes decent units also.
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If the computer does not detect the other drive, there is more of a problem than the drive.

The computer should detect a single drive no matter what operating system is on it. Other wise you would not be able to install an operating system on a brand new, blank drive. I have had drives fail under one year. Not often, but it has happened.

If the power feed to the drive is good, look for a problem in the motherboard.
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try putting in a boot disk (floppy) will it boot? If it does you may have a bad ide connector on the MOBO. Try putting the 'known" good HD on the secondary ide connector, will need to disable the primary in bios. I am not 100% on this, but I think if one goes, they both go.

Good HD and good cables only one thing left to blame. Unless something else went bad and is causing the problem.

Try putting "bad" drive in working machine and see what you get.

dont you just love tech support?
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I talked to a tech here in town and he checked the machine and advised it was a bad harddrive.I have bought a new hard drive now I'm waiting on a recovery disk for windows xp to come from HP. I put the new harddrive in and Bios detects it . While waiting on the recovery disk I thought I'd give the old harddrive one last chance to preform so I plugged it in as a slave drive. When I did it caused bios to not detect my new drive or the old one. I then unplugged the old one I had on slave and checked bios again and the new harddrive showed back up as primary master. I don't understand that but as long as the new one is there I'm happy and will be happier if it works after I reload windows XP. Thanks for all the ideals.
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Just to let all know I got the recovery disk from HP today and after download all is fine. All it needed was a new hard drive still don't understand why it didn't detect my working harddrive with windows 98se. That's a whole new question so I'll keep doing research on that one. Hope all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

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