Help me get rid of gator Ewallet


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Help me get rid of gator Ewallet

Spy bot ate some files that belong to gator. So It didn't work right any more. So I decided to totally wipe it out. I couldn't find it in add/remove programs. The find files function must not of found all of them because when I tried to re install it it gave some message that it already existed or some thing like that.. So how can I totally wipe out gator?? Please help..
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It's probably registered now, that's where install is looking for it. The only way to remove it from the registry is manually (not suggested for a beginner) or with add/remove (which you can't do now.) You should be able to go back into SpyBot and restore the Gator files, that may give back the Add/Remove option, but probably not. SpyBot probably removed MOST of the registry entries and just left behind the keys or something, so install thinks it's still there. I would say, if it's not hurting anything, leave it alone. If you mess up something in the registry, you may not be able to restart your computer. If you do decide to mess with the registry, make sure you back it up first.

Good luck!
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Well I went back and carefully read all the names in the add/remove and found it. I must of missed it the first three times I looked..
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Go into regedit.

Do a search for Gator delete all entries that have gator associated to it, if you see one that your not sure about leave it, you should be safe if you only mess with entries with gator in them.
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My Two Cents Worth

Hello: Snapper6356

In cases where one is not exactly sure how to safely and correctly remove any program installed or downloaded into their computer, the best bet, in my opinion, is to leave it. Worse yet, if one is now exactly sure what the final outcome will be once a program is removed, again, best bet is to leave it installed.

The safest option is to run msconfig in the run program under the start button. Once the multiple tab window opens, select startup. Than locate the program in the list of start up programs and uncheck it.

Once that is completed you may or may not need to restart the computer for the new setting or selection to take place. This method insures the program will not start up each time the computer is started or rebooted.

Leaving Gator is the safest option. Removing it or any other program like or similar that is not wanted anymore may have negetive, unwanted, serious uncorrectable effects and or create major problems.

In my opinion & experiences, simply leaving the program but not running it is the safest method. If the program has an option to select which does not allow it to startup at startup, select that option and avoid the run and uncheck method.

After time and becoming familar with any FREEBIE software like or similar to gator, zonealarm, stickies, etc. etc. etc, one quickly learns to AVOID them.

Simple rules to consider:

If ANY program online is FREE, can be trial tested before buying and available for immediate downloading, many of these types of programs contain no option to totally remove them and or do so completely and safely.

The word FREE or TRAIL version always has unknown HOOKS we may or may not like at some point in time. When anything say's it's FREE...user beware!

Disclosure, if one is even provided, does not warn the user of any possible negetive side effects. Removal of the program is not always provided nor required.

Changes made to the computers system during installation may not be correctable and most likely is not correctable. That is the reason the program is FREE! To get the user HOOKED into buying the program! User beware!

The best and safest option is to avoid the temptation to download and install ANY trial or FREEBIE software program.

Screen savers included. Which was my worse temptation....
Remember that one Safewatch...LOL!

The best and safest option is to simply leave the program installed but not run the program, in my opinion of course.

Learn from that experience. If you want a program, buy it on CD. If it's not available on CD...AVOID IT! PERIOD!

And there you have it folks...."My Entire Two Cents Worth."

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