Hard Drive setup .. with a twist


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Hard Drive setup .. with a twist

Riddle me this....

I have 2 WD 40gb drives Primary IDE and Secondary IDE off of the Mobo...
and a 20gb drive that I run off of a Raid controller as a backup drive. (when I get more drives I'll set up a true Raid!)

Here is the dilemna...
In all diagnostics and in WinXP computer management.
The Drive off of the RAID card shows up as Drive 0, and the Primary drive off of the Mobo shows up as Drive 1..
Now.. the primary drive is faster and has a better cache than the smaller drive, so it throughs off my benchmarks..

Ie PCMARK scores like crap unless I go into the Hardware manager in WinXP and disable the RAID card.. so PCMark goes to my true primary drive...

It's not a show stopper but curious if I can rearrange those numbers:
Primary is drive 0, secondary is drive 1, and RAID card drive is drive 2??

Make sense??

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You have two matching drives. That's all you need for RAID. Why not set them up as RAID 1+0 and use the 20gb off the mobo. That should solve your benchmark problems, and go with what Windows wants anyway as well as the design of the mobo.
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I'm not a RAID expert by any means, but just from using CMOS frequently, can't you change the order of RAID in the advanced options? Or is that just an option to boot from RAID or SCSI, etc.?
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What RAID controller? What Motherboard?
If you have an integrated RAID controller and the drives are connected both to the onboard IDE and to the RAID ports you're actually going through 2 separate chipsets. The onboard IDE is generally a bit faster.
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Ok....lets see....

I thought about the 20g drive as the startup drive.. but it is much slower than the others. Only has 512kb cache, 5400rpm...etc.etc..

the 2 40 gb drives aren't exact match..one is 7200rpm while one is 5400rpm...
I use the 7200rpm drive as my main drive.. as it is faster.
the 5400 drive is kind of an extra data drive and the 20gb drive to put backups on..

Gigabyte GA-7VAX mobo with a CMD PCI Raid controller...
I can disable it when I am not doing a backup...

No option in BIOS to do anything with RAID card..
Like I said it isn't a big deal, just something to try and figure out..

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Normally with a RAID setup you want to have identical drives otherwise the system will drop to the smallest and slowest drive in the setup.
The order Windows lists the drives is not relevant. Your system should not run any faster or slower if the drives are listed in a different order. I do agree that XP has a "strange" way of listing them, but it usually follows the order the BIOS is setup. If the RAID is setup on PCI 0 and the internal IDE is setup as PCI1 then the RAID drive will be first.
You should have a RAID screen/BIOS to make changes.
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