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Angry what would you do

i have several old vehicles for sale on different sites. i recieved an e-mail from two suspects. mike_ *Edited* mike clint and also *Edited* here. both of these PERSONS offered to buy my vehicles without asking any questions about them . it was a scam where they send you a bogus cashiers check for way over the amount you are asking for your vehicle and you keep the check and send them back the difference. your check is good theirs is bad you loose. i didn't buy it,it sounded phonie at the begining. i am p.oed that these suckers are trying to rip us off . now what would you do, how can i stop them from getting to someone else. is there a way to find out who they are and where they are from or something i can send to them to stop them from e-mailing someone else , these are the same people that were discussed on cbs about scams. they say that they are from africa. SMOKING ON THIS END . roger

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If they sent the checks through the US Mail, mail fraud may be the key. Talk to the Postal Inspector at your post office. If nothing else, it may be a place to start.

Shuffling good checks from bad is check kiting of a sort, and the FBI might be interested.
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That's a different twist on kiting checks! I'm afraid, however, that someone might fall for it although I don't understand why unless the cashier's check is more than you thought you would receive in the first place. Is that how it works? Your expecting $x and they 'accidentally' send $x+?

Anway, Chris is very right. The FBI would love to hear about this and starting with the postal service is the best route to start.

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USPS won't be able to do anything about it, since it's out of country. There are many fraud sites out there you could notify, I don't know any off the top of my head. I would also notify Yahoo!, as they are the e-mail provider in this case. They may be able to block the IP being used, or even assist in tracking the IP and possibly stopping these people. Unfortunately, in a situation like this (out of country) there's not much that can or will be done. Especially considering the state of our foreign affairs as they are right now. I have a feeling something like this would be put on the back burner.

Best thing to do - protect yourself. You can warn others til you're blue in the face, some naive person will still fall for it. That's the only reason this BS is still around - someone always falls for it.
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One of the things you can do is use the power of the web for good. At the sites where you list your vehicles, you could inform the site operators, and also try to post the info somewhere as a warning. You may have to do it in your ad, and I bet you might be able to think of other places to post it.(As you just did here)lol I think it's the warning about the scam that is important, not so much as the name/email it came from. Those can be easily changed, but the scam remains the same.Sometimes when I get bored I like looking up scams and seeing just whats going on here:

LOL, an unfortunate web address!!
Lotsa info.
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The Government has a website just for Internet fraud the link is..


Check it out..

Hope this will help you
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still at it

thanks again for all the info i just got another from one of them wanting to send me a certified cashiers check for 10k. if iany of you would like to know who they are e-mail me and i will give you their address. sorry about puting it here , i didn't know. if any of you would like to see a copy of the e-mail ask me and i will foward one to you. roger in sc.

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