pricewatch: have you ever?

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pricewatch: have you ever?

I was thinking of buying some computer stuff(pc- windows-complete athlon xp system) from one of several choices listed on I was wondering if anyone had ever dealt with these companies, and what are some web sites where I can look them up. Alot of them seem to be almost identical(same people, different store front)so it makes me wonder.
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"What is PRICE WATCH® ?
Price Watch is a service that allows retailers to advertise their prices in real time, using our proprietary Price Watch Info-Link system. Price Watch presents advertisements to users sorted in ascending order by price. Price Watch was first presented on the Web in August '95" from

They do not endorse or recommend any of these retailers. They act as an on-line advertising publisher. Anyone can list on thier site. I have never purchased from them myself, but I know several people at DeVry including some instructors that use them regularly.
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I too have never purchased anything off a pricewatch listed site. I have looked through them several times and they seem to be very competitive with the market. I noticed the same thing, tae, with the sites looking and feeling the same, like they are probably the same people with different fronts. I don't think that is necessarily a bad thing, but just a marketing strategy.

Think about it this way... Most searchers never look at the second results page, most of the hits go to the first 3-5 results, with the most going to the first, of course. That being the case, you don't want to just have 1 listing on the first result page, but ideally, you would have all the listings on the first page. Not to mention, when you're comparing prices, who do you compare your prices with? The other companies listed right there on pricewatch. So if I list my company 5 out of 10 times, then you're just comparing my pricing to my pricing. It's all marketing.

But, like I say, that's not necessarily a bad thing, just keep it in mind when you're comparing prices. Use it against them, tell them to price-match another company and back and forth to make them go even lower on their prices.

BTW, have you tried I've been using them for a lot of online purchases. I usually see my packages in less than a week. I haven't had a single issue with them yet (bought Mobo/CPU Combo - DDR - other small stuff.) And they have great prices, especially if you can find a rebated item (like 256Mb of DDR for $10 - 512Mb DDR for $40.) I was looking at their systems too, they seem to have some good pricing on barebones and completes.
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Of course, Brandon is correct about marketing strategies; I've even employed a similar practice in other media. But my advice would be the same as for any sight-unseen purchase from a company with whom you have no experience; Pay for it with a credit card, not a debit card with a logo, but a real live credit card. They simply provide better protection...

Of course, as I said in a previous thread, I haven't bought anything off of pricewatch since they switched from an auction format; I have bought things from tiger more recently because on a few items, their prices are hard to beat, but historically that has only been true on selected categories.
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I've purchased a couple of things off pricewatch. One was an internet keyboard and the other was a 4 port usb hub. They were such low ticket items that I didn't mind using them, and also did as recommended above: used a credit card, not a debit card.

As far as big ticket items, I use a known dealer or buy direct from the various computer stores around.

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I puchase just about everthing from price watch sellers.. I have bought monitors,cases, memory etc.. never had a problem yet... Just be sure to check out sites that rate the businesses... is the main one I use but I mostly rely on forum word of mouth... also might want to check the bbb site out... most online sellers arent on the bbb but never hurts....
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I have always liked tiger direct and They both ship fast and returns are not a hassle. I have bought about 10,000$ worth of stuff from and have never had a problem. That has to tell you something.
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I've purchased couple of dozen items from various pricewatch sources and never had a problem. My most recent purchases were from Target USA (mobo, processor, and cooling fan), and package2you (Floppy Drive, CD-ROM Drive, Heatsink & Fan, processor, Keyboard).
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I buy lots of hardware, not much software.
I purchase most items through newegg,, etc.
I check pricewatch first looking for a good deal, but check it at

Pricewatch is a great tool. But just a tool. Check out the company at the above address before buying. If they have a 4.5 or less rating I usually look elsewhere.

I DON'T buy from Those guys will send you junk, and when you complain they just ship more junk.

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