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Linux - questions

Mandrake 9.0 or RedHat 6.0

I haven't reinstalled either of these again, but am going to this week. My question, and I've looked at the sites regarding Linux, is do I need to perform any time of disk cleanup? Is this type deal not a problem with Linux? I make so many changes (errors, fix them) that I'm wondering if I leave garbage on the drive that over time will fill it up.

2000 recommended a book, and I'm not so patiently waiting on it LOL. Am hoping that it will have the answers for me. I finally received a notice that it shipped YaHoo!

I guess the reason that Linux is baffling me is that the extensions and commands are different yet similar to dos. I'm also at a loss for using source codes. I will post on that one later if the book doesn't help me. Would like to set up an online photo album on my site, have the source code, but not sure what to do with it LOL. That will be another post, as I said.

Am off to read up on how to install a second drive (maybe just the new one and leave the old, smaller one off for now) so I can utilize one disk for windows and the other for linux. Until I can learn to stabilize my setup in linux, I usually have other things that don't work correctly in the process(es) LOL so windows is necessary for me. May be easier to just worry with one disk at the moment.

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I would really recommend Redhat 7.3. Six was still pretty glitchy and techie. 7.3 is has enough linux in it to learn the backside yet a good enought desktop environment that Windows user can survive. RH8.1 is really good but its so user friendly you might be tempted to not learn the command line side. BTW, I would suggest the Gnome desktop. There are more GUI utilities for computer management.

The big kicker on Linux is that you really need a video card that works with "X" right off the bat. ATI cards never seem to have any problems but anything based on the Intel 810 or the older Western Digital chips could cause problems.
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Unfortunately, Linux takes care of the disk cleanup itself. You don't get to do much.

The book that you ordered will help with your questions. The tutorials with Mandrake or many of the web sites can help. Some are more technical than others.

Installing source code is pretty much akin to installing programs under windows without all the registry baggage. The install log will list everything that was installed and where it was installed. One set of code does not overwrite what another has installed.

The simplest code installation is via the RPM method. Almost just click and run. Source code has to be compiled and installed. Not a problem, just more steps than the RPM. RPMs can be updated and uninstalled. Source code has to be re-compiled or removed.

The multi boot method enables you to have more than one OS on the computer at a time. I have some friends with Windows and two or three versions of linux at the same time. I have windows 98 and two versions of Mandrake running on this computer right now.

I prefer the KDE desktop, but install all the gnome stuff with it. I can run the gnome things when I want and still have my KDE. All the window managers are pretty much interoperable. Some really like ICEWM for its simplicity.

Some programs have install on line similar to what windows does. For instance, I installed the new netscape 7.02 this morning. I launched an installer and it downloaded and installed all the files. All I had to do was put the link to java in the plugin folder so I can have Java with Netscape.

Having Windows on a separate disk is neat and clean. I have Windows on both disks, but one is all Windows - Games! The other is Linux with an windows emulator.

Keep us posted. Read your book and have fun.

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