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Question modem connection speed

Now a question for me. I recently had a DSL line. I installed the internal modem and used it for many months without problems until the company pulled out of my area. So, I had to revert to a dial-up account. Previously, I was connecting anywhere from 40k - 50k+. But, now I'm stuck on 24k and its killing me. I have played with many settings but am afraid I may have confused the matter. Is there any preferred settings to maximize my dial-up connections speed? Its on windows 98.

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Many times this is line conditions.

You can check your connection speed as some sites such as MSN.

You might also check with your ISP to make sure that you are connecting to a good modem at their end.
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Chris, of course is correct about checking your line connections and the like; Back when I was an isp, we had what were described as "bad switches" in a couple of closet-sized phone offices. If you dialed through those substations, 24,400 was the best speed you could get and because the law only guarantees you a 9600, the phone company didn't make it a priority, even though the local guys were campaigning for a replacement.

I'd do as Chris suggests, but you may also want to talk to some of your neighbors and see what kind of speeds they are getting. These little phone offices serve a fairly wide geographic area, so if you don't have someone next door to ask, you could possibly inquire of somebody in the next subdivision. Though, your isp <U>may</U> also be aware of the situation and you should ask when you call, because even though my problems were not of my making, I served as the first line of complaint and we could pinpoint who was affected based on which village they lived.

Otherwise, if you think that perhaps you caused the problems by tweaking and untweaking, you could always uninstall the modem via the software and then, reinstall just to get back to zero.

Good Luck;
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Previously, I was connecting anywhere from 40k - 50k+. But, now I'm stuck on 24k and its killing me.
Have you tried running an "internet tweaker"? There are literally hundreds available (some free, some shareware, some a down-right rip-off), that will tweak the correct settings for you. That's probably the easiest thing to start with. If that doesn't help, then try to get a better line to the computer, check with the ISP, etc.

Good luck!
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check out this link:
For some good info. Don't forget that modems can speed up or slow down during the session.

Another link, although it has some popup advertising, is here:
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you could add an init string to your modem settings to help it tolerate line noise better. do a search on google for an init string for your particular modem.
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