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Have a question for you wizards out here. Is there a program that will "steal" passwords on a pc? In other words, if a pc is used by more than one person, could one of those people install a program to snag the other persons passwords. There is a situation where someone else using my pc also is using one of my passwords to hotmail. It's very unusual for that to happen. I think they may have installed a program to grab my passwords so she could snoop into my hotmail. Where would such a program come from and how would I find out if there is one installed here? I'm not much into that type of pc use so please respond as though you were writing " pc snooping for dummies" Thanks in advance, John
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I have played around with a few programs like that. I can't think of any names off the top of my head, but you could probably find them at

The biggest problem with these programs is that you would not know if they are running. Most of them have protections on them to keep people from finding, and stopping, them. For instance, if the program loads when the computer starts (from the registry), if you looked in the registry to find out what was started, it would probably have a name that you would not associate with a "snooper" (ie: instead of snooper.exe, program.exe)

Of course, there are also password protections to keep people out, and many other "safe-guards" to keep people from stopping the program.

That being said, it can't hurt to look. Hit Ctrl-Alt-Del and see what programs are running. Look in the registry's Run key to see what is started at windows load. You could also look through the MSCONFIG startup programs to see what starts with the computer.

If it's a good program, then you will probably not find it. Of course, every program has it's flaws, you just have to find them.

Good luck!
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Are you certain your browser isn't configured to remember your passwords for you?

You could test, whether or not it remembers your hotmail password by typing your username in the appropriate spot and then, hit "Tab" or click down to the password field and see if it isn't already filled with astericks. If so, they would only need your username and your browser would be doing the rest.

If this is the case, you can reconfigure your Internet Explorer by going Tools/Internet Options then click the "Content" tab followed by the "Autocomplete" button. Underneath, you should find a checkbox for usernames and passwords and a button which will cause it to forget everything it already knows.

Good Luck;
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There are programs out that log keystokes. All the installer has to do is read the log file and they can every key you typed. A google search of 'keystroke logger' came backe 10k results. here is first one from the list.
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Be sure to change your mail password to something hard to figure out. Use upper and lower case letters and numbers. You could always install your own program to spy on the other user. Best solution is to get 2 pc's. Trust me.

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