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Angry floppy drive

I tryed to update my favorites to a floppy. I am using windows 98 first edition. When I try to backup my favorites to a floopy, my floppy keeps saying that it needs to be reformatted, so I reformat it and try again and it keeps telling me the same thing. I have done this before and have never had any trouble. Thinking that my floppy disk might be bad, I tryed to load something from a floppy that I had something on it and it told me the same thing again, do you want to format your floppy?
The light on the A drive lights up and I can hear the disk spinning, but it keeps asking me if I want to reformat.
I went into the system file and clicked on the propertys of the floppy and clicked on the update from windows and it tells me that I have the latest update.
My computer is a compaq 5050 and it is 5 years old. Could my floppy drive have gone bad even thought it says there is no conflits?
One thing I haven't done is to taake the cover off and make sure the connections are all tight.
Can someone help me and can anyone tell me of a trouble shooting book that I can get? Thanks much if you can help!
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So, you can't read or write a floppy? Any floppy?

It certainly may be worthwhile to pull the cover off of the floppy drive and see if anything may be blocking the heads, but since the machine apparently knows there is a floppy in the slot and because it seems, you might be hardpressed to fix the problem if it is anything more than a cigarette wrapper stuck in the wrong spot; Especially, if you don't have another drive from which you might pull parts or would be unsure of what you are doing; You could very easily just end-up buying a new floppy anyway and it certainly would be simplier in the short-run.

Of course, before you capitulate and take the thing apart or go get another drive, you probably should check the cable connections and possibly replace the cable because it could be the source of the problem. And of course, I'm assuming that you are running a virus scanning program and you know that the problems aren't due to an infection.

Otherwise, possibly somebody else will come along with some other suggestions, but these are the ones that pop into my mind and I certainly would start with the cable and it's connections; Then, if it were me, I would just go buy another drive, especially if I was certain that my computer was free of viruses.

Keep Passing Open Windows;
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Re: floppy drive

There are two setting on formattting disk , 1,44 or other one is somting like 1,33 or someting ,,,,,,, make shure your formatting the right one, and use full format,

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From an earlier post....

Try another floppy....
Floppies do go bad after not too long...
and they are cheap... If i have any problem formatting, in the garbage it goes.. My time is worth more...
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I gotta agree with magister and exeter, get a new floppy drive (that's what exeter meant, I'm sure )

Check the cables and such inside the case, but don't spend too much time on it.

Go to www.techbargains.com and get a new floppy. I'll bet you can find one for around $10, probably less (haven't really shopped for one in a long time - don't use mine enough to kill it.)

Or, better yet, get a CD writer and forget using floppies altogether. You can put up to 700Mb on a CD and only 1.44Mb on floppy. For about $20-30 more you can get a CD writer. Just a thought.

Good luck!
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3 out of my 4 machines don't have a floppy drive. There is no need to, although sometimes I feel bad when I use a 700 Mb CDR for a 50K document.
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I can't even remember the last time I used the floppy drive in my desktop PC. If opened it up I'd probably find a family of spiders resting peacefully inside the unit. However, I used the floppy in my laptop computer recently while doing the Linux install stuff, but that floppy drive unit is now sitting in my laptop's carrying case.

Also, some laptop manufactuers no longer include a floppy drive in their standard configurations anymore. In other words, if you want a floppy drive then that's an add-on option.
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I meant the floppy disk

BUT... I agree with you Safe...a floppy drive can be had for around $10 from Newegg....
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Angry floppy drive won't read or write

Thank all of you people that gave me advice about my floppy drive. I forgot to tell all of you that I loaded a couple of programs that took out programs that I no longer use. They said it was safe to take out of the registry. Could one of the files be to the floppy drive and if so I do have a restore cd that will restore drivers. Could this be the problem? I also have a cd burner that I guess I should save alot of my programs to. Thank you Magister and the rest of you.
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Basically, your floppy drive is connected via a cable directly to the motherboard; There is an IRQ setting for it, but Windows is apparently showing you no conflict and I would tend to believe Windows, especially if you haven't added any hardware lately.

Your floppy drive is administered primarily by the BIOS which loads before the operating system; (When your computer is booting, you probably see something like "Press DEL for Setup"); <FONT STYLE="text-decoration:line-through;">Of course, you could look in BIOS, it wouldn't hurt. Just read the screens for info about switching points-of-view and getting out of the thing and don't change anything unless you are pretty sure of what you are doing; In BIOS, you should see a drive listing somewhere and of course, you primarily would want to only make sure that the A-drive is listed/defined. But, I'm 99.99% sure that unless you have been playing in BIOS, everything is most likely the way you left it.</FONT>

Check your cable and connections, you could get a new cable from about anywhere for a couple of bucks; But most likely, you are going to need to replace the drive or forget about it, but because you are operating on a 5 year old computer; I guess that you also have some 5 year-old software that may loadable only from floppy, so you probably would want to replace it, sometime between now and when it is next needed.

Of course, you could also try mounting a boot disk and it might not hurt to try turning your computer completely off for a couple of minutes; But the problem is most likely the cable, the connection or the drive. Though theoretically, a surge or an ungrounded human could've fried the connector on the motherboard, but I find that doubtful...

Good Luck;


I marked-out the info about checking in BIOS, but left it in place in case you were into overkill and just wanted to look at it, anyway. Upon further reflection, I realized that because the computer is seeing a floppy and is just unable to read it; The floppy drive is powered-on from the BIOS. Though, I guess it might not hurt to make sure that you or someone hasn't redefined it from being a 1.44; Which once again, I find extremely doubtful...

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