usb connection


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usb connection

I'm looking into getting a digital camera and the cameras have a usb cable to download pictures to the pc. We have a computer that is about 5 years old. it is a 500MHZ gateway. It has all the standard stuff, high capacity harddrive, 96mb of ram, video card, sound card, modem, etc. etc. . the only thing it is missing is a usb port. all it has is the serial ports and keyboard and mouse ports. I have a scanner but it is hooked in through the printer and ports. my question is what is involved in getting a usb port installed and roughly how much would it cost or do they make an adaptor to convert from usb to a serial or parrelel port. if it is as simple as adding another board inside that wouldn't be to bad. thanks for the info.
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You can't covert from a parallel to a USB. You'll need to get a PCI USB card (about $40 for a 5 port version), and install it.
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Yep, you'll have to get a PCI card to go inside the case. Pretty much all new USB is 2.0, just make sure when you are buying. No point buying old USB parts that are slower.

Good luck!
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Installing a PCI USB card is basically like installing any other card....power down, open case, put card in a PCI slot, close case, boot up computer, load the device driver, reboot computer and you're on your way.

Depending upon which brand of digital camera you buy it may not come with a docking station or anything super fancy like that. Some usually come with only a USB cable as your means for transferring the photos to your computer. If a cable is all you get with the camera package then you can leave that cable plugged into the USB port of your computer, then when you're ready to transfer your photos, plug the cable into your camera and follow your camera manufacture's instructions from there (usually the camera will include drivers for your camera). When you're finished transferring you can leave the cable hanging out the computer while it's not connected to any external device. In typical situations you don't need to turn your computer off to plug/unplug the cable to the camera, but you would turn the camera off before plugging/unplugging the cable into the camera. In a nutshell, most USB devices are hot-swappable.
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All the above is assuming you are not running Win NT. If you are, forget it. USB is not supported.
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you may also have a usb header on your motherboard, in which case you would just need the usb plug/header connector. Maybe a local computer shop might have one, but you would need the motherboard info or open the case to see if it exists. Just another option.Also, if you are running windows 95, you may not have usb support.Go here:

to check. Microsoft recommends at least windows 98 se.

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