Nagging program names in IE


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Nagging program names in IE

I was given a great computer after my house burned down.

I have gone thru add-remove programs and leftover files for programs I idn't want.

Then ran a great registry cleaner, etc.


In IE toolbar/Tools/
I still find the names of several looking at me: 2 are download mgrs and two are now-long-gone mail clients.

Where oh where can I delete these buggers?

I do know I can just remove (add-remove) the things I list on toolbar.....reply/history/media,etc.

But I drives me krazee (hence the name LOL) that those old programs are even somewhere listed on my puter.


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Did you check in those program's folders to see if the original included an "uninstall" or (I think it may also be called) "unwize" file? If either of these don't exist then you'll have to manually try to remove the programs. This could be tuff because many software package dump DLL files in the Windows folder.

What might be an even better way to clean up the computer is to reformat the hard drive and do a "fresh" Windows install, then afterwards install only the software packages that you prefer.
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Pardon me, but I'm a bit confused, so if you would allow me to ask for some clarification, perhaps we can get your problem fixed; Though, I will say at the outset that the easiest thing may be to do a clean reinstallation of Internet Explorer; Otherwise, with a little more info about your problem, someone may be able to help you correct the situation directly and possibly avoid the download; As I understand it, you have properly uninstalled various programs using Add/Remove or an uninstaller, but a link or control is still visible in your Internet Explorer? Correct?

Now, the menu is the thing that runs across the top of your window and is ordinarily programmed to read across as; File, Edit, View, etc. and the toolbars are mostly icon-based and ordinary the "standard" goes something like; Back, Forward, Stop, Refresh, etc.

Exactly, where are the problematic controls? Are they listed under the menuitem "Tools"? Or, are they on a toolbar and if so, what is the toolbar labeled under "View/Toolbars"? And, what happens when you click or initialize them?

We simply need more information;
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Also, what are the names of these programs. Sometimes they will have program specific instructions for removal.
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Ok, I'm with magister on this. I think you've already removed the programs in Add/Remove and you are still seeing them here:

<img border="0" src="">

Are we understanding that correctly?

If so, here is where I found the "Yahoo! Messenger" key in my registry: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Extensions\{E5D12C4E-7B4F-11D3-B5C9-0050045C3C96}

<font color="red">If you do not know how to edit the registry, I highly recommend you just leave it there. You won't have any problems with the programs if you just leave them be. However, if you edit the registry wrong, you may not be able to restart your computer</font>

That being said, all I would have to do to remove "Yahoo! Messenger" from the Tools menu is to delete the "{E5D12C4E-7B4F-11D3-B5C9-0050045C3C96}" key under Extensions.

Good luck! And let us know if we are totally off base on this.
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Thank you all for your replies, very especially magister and SafeWatch.

You hit the problem on the head (ouch LOL).

However my side-issue-? lies in why my really great registry uninstall clean etc program did NOT remove those entries as well. Hmmmmmmm It did clean out all other areas of those programs, why did it leave these lil entries?

Maybe it isn't so great?

Got an idea????


I'll realllll carefully go thru and take those out.

MsChip a reinstall would have worked probably but with no reinstall disk along with this puter I recd, I would have to buy the program again.

Thx all and I may be back!
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As you can see it's rather difficult to answer your general questions if some pertinate details are left out as to why some software doesn't work, or which software packages your other software is suppose to be finding.

What is the name/title and version number of the program you're trying to use to clean the registry entries? Possibly someone else can recommend a different, or better, registry clearner software instead of what you're currently using.

What are the names/titles of the lingering download manager and 2 email clients you're trying to remove? Possible someone else has already encountered the same problem(s) and can offer you a more direct solution.
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Magister and SafeWatch - I reinstalled IE since that was the overall program with the problems
It worked, they're gone.

So any lingering names that don't uninstall with:
Add/Remove Programs


an uninstaller

in IE,
just reinstall IE(6) over it

poof they're gone.

Thanks SO much!
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No problem, glad it worked for you.

If you're not familiar or comfortable working with the registry, then that's probably the best thing to do. There's really nothing to lose anyway, IE will still be essentially the same upon reinstall. You may have to redo the Favorites, but those can be saved before uninstalling anyway (and are usually not uninstalled - depending on the version.)

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