new computer


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new computer

i am going to build a computer

i like athlon
i am thinking between 2500+ and 2700
i dont know what all the numbers mean
can someone tell me the diff between the following

1) 166,266, or333 fsb how much will this matter

2) 256 and 512 l2 cache is it twice as good?

any ideas for brand of mother board?
also does the fsb on the board have to match processor?
what is your recomenndation for type of ram?

thanks guys
my last one worked out ok 1gig thunderbird on a soyo and still going but i think the board is cracked.
i want to do a lot more homework for this one.
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Faster and faster. If you want a bleeding edge computer, then go with the most and fastest in every respect. This is especially true for gaming.

Quite frankly, I think that computers have gotten to the point that the typical user can't tell when it is faster. Of course, Microsoft keeps writing programs that require more and more because there is more and more.

Often, a bit older chip will do wonders for your application and be substantially cheaper than the newest one on the block. You may not be able to tell the difference between a 2000 athlon and a 2700 athlon. The price difference will be substantial.

When you pick a chip go to the chip manufacturer's website and check to see what boards are certified to work with it.

You might check out the board, chip, and memory arrangements at to see what they are doing. It will give you some insight. Also check out

Hope this helps.
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i went to toms and many others, but to be honest i dont understand the tests well enough to make a qualified judgement basesd on my needs
i surf for the most part, use it for my business accounting, and i am just getting into gaming.command and conquer,postal 2,ect
i was hoping for personal advice,if it were you what would you do

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Give us a price range and i bet you will get alot of answers.
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about 300-350 US$

for processor and mo board

i dont want to waste money
i cant keep up with current tech?
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Here's another site for motherboard reviews...

Have you taken a look at for Motherboards, CPUs, and Mobo/CPU Combos?

The more cache the better, IMO. Basically, what I look for in a motherboard is a higher number front side bus, USB 2.0 support, number of memory slots and PCI slots available, along with which other items are already onboard, such as a Promise controller, LAN, sound, etc. Having the extra's onboard is ok, if that's what you're looking for, in lue of buying all these cards's a personal choice. I've always had good luck with ASUS and Gigabyte boards, but they're all changing so much and so often. Some models are better than others and also some models could be problem children so researching as much as possible about a mobo is your best bet.

I usually surf USENET newsgroups to see what types of problems other have encountered with a certain mobo (mfg name and model number), once I think I found a mobo I might like to buy.

Are you planning to overclock the board? If so then you might want to look at those reviews too to see which one's meet whomever reviewer's expectations.

I prefer Althon cpu's, myself, mainly since you're paying a higher premium for the Intel name. The numbering system for Athlon's is basically a model number, as far as what I can figure out. I think they added the model number to confuse the heck out of everyone. *LOL*

I totally agree that keeping up with bleeding edge technology will always cost more than if you accepted a slightly slower CPU or less bells-and-whistles on the mob...and since technology is still rapidly changing, in six months the price of things usually drop pretty fast as newer technology emerges. But one thing I can't understand is why an "average" home user would ever need or want a 3.0 gig CPU. Unless you're doing a huge amount of number crunching, compliling large programs, doing heavy graphics work, or serious gaming, it a huge waste of money to pay the premium prices for "THE fastest" technology. Average users will never notice the speed difference.
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thanks all
does anyone with a newer system want to tell me what your running and if stable?
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Smile New PC

Hi yongeman

I built a new PC back in Dec 02.

WD 40 & 20 gig slave&master not RAID
AMD XP 2200 + Palamino
EnLight 5280 Tower 340 watt PS
ATI 9700 128mb DDR RAM VID card AGP

What I set out to build but could not find the MOBO for or a good quality MOBO, that took PC100/133 SDRAM. I was forced to move to at least a 266, but went with 333 because 266 was obsolete when I ordered my parts.

Now I would have to go with a VIA 400, Nvida or SIS, MOBO to just keep up & find a choice of good MOBOs.

What I wanted to build:

ABIT KT7-A ( OUT OF STOCK) Everywhere!
Same 2 drives 40 & 20 7200 RPM
3X 512mb PC133 MICRON RAM (Dirt cheap now)
AMD Athlon 1.1 gig Thunderbird
Same Tower and PS
ATI 8500 LE 64mb RAM

I have 2 of the above PCs, I built in 2000. It's not that I don't like my new DDR PC. It's fast and rock stable so why schould I care. Maybe because DDR RAM cost a lot more than SDRAM

Because when I wanted to build a new PC, I found out I have to build for right now today, because they don't let you stop, where you feel comfortable. Keep moving faster & faster untill we have to all water cool, or run our boxes in small freezers LOL.

I may have built on a VIA 266 MOBO except by the time I had many of the same questions you have answered. The 266 chip was obsolete.

Good luck on your new PC.
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Ok, I wasn't going to bore everyone to tears with my system, but since you asked (it's nothing special, but it's dirt cheap and very stable). Basically, what I wanted to do with my system, was revamp it with a new XP processor and add the option of DDR for future use (but, since I had almost a Gig of SDRAM, I didn't want it to go to waste.) This was not an easy task, finding a board that supported both SDRAM and DDR was tough. But, I found one over at <a href=""></a> (who, btw, I've purchased from regularly without a single problem - so far.) The board I got was a Shuttle AK32A with 2 SDRAM and 2 DDR slots. This worked out great since I had 2 - 256Mb SDRAM chips - so I still had 1/2 Gig of PC133 running on a 266 board.

BTW, while we're on the topic, the 133 Mhz, 266 Mhz, 333 Mhz FSB (front side bus) is the speed that the components on the board communicate with each other (in very simple terms.) You take that and multiply it by X amount for the processor speed (depending on the processor.) Now, here's the catch: if you get a 333 Mhz processor, but only have 266 Mhz DDR (PC2100), then you only run at 266 Mhz. So, if you don't want to purchase the high-dollar components, go with a 266 or 333 board (if you can still find a 266 board.) Otherwise, if you want to get the best, go with a 400 Mhz board. Same goes for 100 Mhz or 133 Mhz (PC100 and PC133 respectively.) There's no reason to buy a 133 Mhz board and processor, if you're only going to run PC100 on it.

So, back to my project, I purchased the Shuttle AK32A and a AthlonXP 1700 for right at $140 (with shipping) about 4 or 5 months ago. Now, if they are still available, you can probably get the same setup for about $100 (a quick look shows $115 before shipping.)

Now, here's the thing: all this really depends on what equipment you are interested in buying, do you want a complete system? do you want to upgrade what you have (keeping your existing HD, video card, etc etc)?

As for the memory, I would definitely say go with DDR, it's a lot cheaper these days then it was 6 months ago (recently, there was a rebate at one of the big name stores that actually made 256Mb of PC2100 free, with that I now have 1/2 Gig of PC2100 in my machine - I only paid $30 for one of these chips.) DDR has twice the contact points as SDRAM, so just in that you're doubling your speed. But, it's also 266 Mhz instead of 133 (or 100), so you double the speed of the memory too. A quick look at TigerDirect - $15 for 256Mb of PC2100 ($35 for 512Mb.)

AthlonXP's are ok for overclocking, but don't expect to get too much out of them, my 1700 is OC'able to about a 1900 (and that's not very stable.) But, I keep it at 1700 because it runs much cooler that way and there's not a noticeable difference between a 1700 and 1900 (I think I bumped it up 1 multiplier to get a 1900 rating.)

Ok, enough for now, if you have any other questions, feel free to ask.

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I have more computers right now than I wish to count all built by myself. I have built computer for audio/video projects, work, gaming/hobby, security, storage, home entertainment and many for friends. The computer I built my wife for work seems to be close to what you are talking about. I used a ASUS A7N mobo, AMD 2400 (2.0Ghz), dolby on board sound, ATI 8500 All-In-Wonder Video card, and 1GB of of PC2100. I built the whole thing for 400-500$, getting most of my stuff from and For surfing the net and running office type programs I can not tell much of a difference between this set up and my much more powerful and expensive set ups.
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Smile Cheated a little.

Hello WG

I also could not make heads nor tails, what this new DDR RAM was all about last Dec. When I first started to order the same parts to build 1 more great ABIT PC.

This time I followed the advice of the builder/owner at KC-Computers, on RAM and vid card RAM needs, to avoid botlenecks to this wonderful new DDR RAM.

Being a VIA KT333 MOBO I believed what I was told, & read about DDR & choices. Beliving the PC 2700 to be the one that ASUS reccomended for best performance, I used that.

The other 2 systems are both top of the line PCs in 2000 & are now like comparing a VW to a Porsche with the new ASUS system. I can tell a BIG differance.

My first thoughts after test driving the New PC were, Wow I hope they don't get much faster than this. I was worried it would not be stable as fast as it ran, I want stable not fast first.

It's May now, & I have done all the tweaks & installed all the Programs. Now I get on one of the ABIT PCs, & it feels like Im on a dial up LOL.

The first 2 SOHO PCs I built for us, I studied how to build a PC for 8 months, before I ordered my first part. This new PC, I picked the mind of a full time Builder. I'm very glad I did, one wrong hardware choice today can kill any chances of getting any benifit from DDR technology, you could achieve.

I am a DIY PC builder for the reason that I get a best built with no cut corners, top quality parts reliable PC, that will last for at least three years @ near 100% reliablity.

We don't game, so all this horsepower is used for Web Graphics work, PhotoShop & Illustrator are real RAM users.
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I don't usually toss my 2 cents in but I generally swear by ASUS or Shuttle. I have excellent luck with both.
As to my system, I currently have 3 computors networked into a linux box that controls my cable modem. My personal computer is a 900mhz Tbird (AMD) that has been overclocked to 1gig for about 4 years now. It is on an ASUS KT133 raid motherboard, 512 ram,4 hard drives (3 20 gigs and 1 40 gig) a burner and a cd drive. I usually reboot it every two weeks to clear out the muck.
The other two systems are 1.3 Durons in SOYO boards. My girlfriend and her daughter use those.
I am currently putting together and ASUS 333 raid board and I haven't really made up my mind what to use for a processor yet. I am going "wet" this time though.
Good Luck!
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Built one in March of 02...

Put an Asus A7V 333 board in it with an Athlon XP 1.5 GH.

My advice.. processor speed is so quick now that you probably don't need to run out and get the 2.7 GH... 2.0 works great. Your best investment would be cranking up the front speed bus (which is key since that is what the system runs at as soon as processor cache fills up) and to get a higher processor cache...

That Asus board is pretty sweet too... (at least it was last year).
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On my old board, all I did was unlock the cache and put the multiplier where I wanted. It has run stable for the last four years. The cooling system is a little exotic tho. 100mhz overclock on a 900 Processor, I didn't think that was to bad. I hardly ever shut it down anymore. Have a friend who is going to buy it when I get my new one done.
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