Monitor issue

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Monitor issue

Been a while since I've been to DIY, but it's been a while since I've had any free time also.

I recently bought a SGI 21" flat screen crt monitor
(at a great price I might add )... anyway, it's worked flawlessly since I received it until yesterday morning.

I turned on my pc & everything was as it should be, screen size, tint, gain, brightness, color... all was good. Then I got up, got some food, came back to my computer & voila, the upper right corner of my monitor was green tinted (about a 3x3" area), like it had a magnet set directly on the corner. So I turned it off & back on, degaussed it (multiple times, lol), checked all connections & ran a different monitor cable all to no avail. I'm going to be switching back to my old 19" monitor when I get back home tonight to try to avoid further exposure til I can find a solution.

I have quite a bit of crt maint. experience after fixing a number of tv's & a couple of my older monitors so I took off the casing & couldn't find anything that would be detrimental to the picture. The only thing that even comes remotely close to that area of the monitor is the casement grounding cable that runs the expanse of the tube.

Here's what really puzzles me... Remembering back to my days of youth, I remembered on my parents old computer the same thing happening, but after an hour or so, the tinting just stopped on its own never to occur again. I thought it might be a similar case, so I gave it a few hours to "reset" while I did some graphics work for a customer, but I began to notice that it was slowly but surely spreading down & out & shortly thereafter the upper left corner subtly started the same thing. When I turn my monitor off over-night etc. the tinting resets to it's minimal affected area.

I know it's not my video card, it's a brand new ATI Radeon 9500 pro & my case is well ventilated so it wouldn't have overheated & gone bad.

Anyone have any ideas? I'm running out & am getting as frustrated as a castrated tomcat on the prowl.
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I'm not a monitor specialist, but the problem may be found in the neck of the unit (where the guns are). You may have better luck posting this in the Appliances:TV and Stereo forum. I would move the post but I'm not a moderator. They have TV pros there. Can't you return the monitor and get it replaced?
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Could there be some heat build up there?
That might explain it expanding as it runs.
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I thought about that too, but that theory is shot since it's there as soon as I turn the monitor on now.

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