They cant explain dsl availablty

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They cant explain dsl availablty

I been wanting dsl for years now.
except for dish I cant get it yet.
Here is the kicker, and tossed to you out there for laughs.
My area has had a new area code for about 4 years now.
This is the third area code change in 40 plus years, besides the old exchanges that began with a word ( example; mine was KI-mball 6 )
My old area code of 5 years AGO the computer and phone company say that I have dsl. access.
My current area code is NOT available for dsl.
The 7 digits remain the same as well as the street, city, etc.
The technicians cant explain why,
But I Am Still Stuck With A Sloooowww Dial Up Service
What an age we live in!!!
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It's possible that they switched you to a new exchange facility that they don't want wired for DSL (probably due to the fact that they don't expect a large demand). It's also possible that they have an "overlay" area code, meaning the exchange is the same, but they simply utilize a virtual area code. It's also possible they multiplex the lines (turning 20 "physical" lines into 1 "digital" one. The interesting thing about DSL is that it has to have a dedicated line from your house to the Telco office. Can't be a multiplexed line, and can't be too far. Did you try a different DSL provider? Is cable available? I don't know where you are, so I don't know what's available. Satellite is pretty good, but rather slow compared to DSL standards.

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