cant regain hard drive space


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cant regain hard drive space

My son downloaded some type of gameplayer that took up 5gb of harddrive space. He then went to remove it when he was done using the add/remove program. The program was removed but I did not regain the harddrive space according to my harddrive space pie. Why is it not givivg me this space back.

IBM netvista comp
windows ME
320 RAM
20 gb harddrive

Before he downloaded it I had 14 gb of free space. After he downloaded it I had 9.23gb of free space. After he removed it I still only had 9.23 gb of space.

Thanks Len
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I've run the "add-remove software" from Control Panel and found that while the software was "removed" the files were still in place and taking up space on the drive. This may be happening in your instance as well- it may be a case of using Windows Explorer to manually delete the files.
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goto my computer - right click- explore- c drive- right click- properties- click on disk cleanup- check items you wish to claen

it's worked for me.
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And don't forget to empty the recycle bin, then defrag.
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It is possible that you removed it, but it left folders and files.

I would go into My Computer, then C:, then look where ever it was installed, most likely Program Files.
Look for it's folder and delete it.

Now check your space.
If still not right try scandisk, it may not be reporting right.

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Downloading a 5gb "gameplayer"? That sounds kinda fishy. Unless you can confirm that it's legitimately 5gb I would also look into the possibility that your son d/led an infected file & you might now have a virus. Even on a dsl or cable connection 5gb is Huge to download... Hell, I'm on a T1 and that's huge.

If it turns out you do have some kind of virus or you just want more information on a virus you Could have, check out (makers of norton antivirus) They have an extremely thorough virus database that they constantly update. You can input information about your problem and it will give you a list of possible culprits with the remedies and causes.

Good luck.
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I saw the 5 gig also. That would be like a 6-7 cd game set.
I would sure look at the file directory to see if anything was left behind.
Hard telling what you will find for DLL's in the system directory now.
You should probably look at lavasoft adaware software to see if any spyware was installed. Not to mention other little surprises.

Good luck and tell your kid to do this type of stuff with his own computer...
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We haven't heard back from the original poster, but since folks are still making suggestions; 5g is HUGE; MS Office Pro is only 245m, but anyway...

You say he downloaded, uninstalled and give us figures as to your hard drive before he downloaded and after he uninstalled; Installing and downloading are usually two different things, so maybe there is a Setup file somewhere that is still occupying drive space; Look for whatever file, he downloaded; Empty your recycle bin; Try a reboot; Search for and delete *.tmp files; Also, though I've seen a pie, I don't use it; But, Explorer and Winfile oftentimes won't show any changes that occurred while it was open, unless you "F5" to refresh...

Good Luck;

PS) Before I go to bed; I thought I might suggest that to apply any of the above prescriptions from either my input, or from the prior posters which require you to manually delete files; You can search for Files and Folders using the "Date Modified" tab on your "Find Files" utility; The title is correct in that it will only search for files or folders modified on that date, so if no binary or text changes were made, the file will not show-up; But some of the files will and from this info, you may be able to figure-out where to look for the rest; Plus, the folder which may have been created to host the download and/or certainly, the installation will undoubtably be branded with that date.

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they are using Win ME...that's the first problem.
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