Wireless router with cable internet-cannot fgure out IP settings?

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Wireless router with cable internet-cannot fgure out IP settings?

We had a nice setup in Kansas with cable modem and a broadband router so we could use the same connection for several computers in the house. Problem is, we moved to Denver, Colorado and our cable company "Comcast" will not provide the IP addressed so we can connect our router up.

Figure they want extra money for the connections on their end.

Anyone know of any way to find those addresses?

Thanks, Brad
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If you are using a router then the cable company cant really do anything. A router will assign each computer a network IP while the router uses the IP from the ISP.

Maybe something I don't know about cable?
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Yes, the router gets the ip address from the isp. In this case it would be the cable company. Maybe I am missing something, but when I got it hooked up in Kansas we had a problem and the guy from the cable company came out and reconfigured the ip addresses so they were hitting the proper server.

So I guess we need the IP addresses from the cable company.
Maybe I am wrong.

Sorry for my ignorance. My kids are whining in the background--neither our tv or our internet connections are presently working as smoothly as they would like. It is tough growing up these days without properly functioning cable and internet.

Maybe they should get out and pull some weeds.

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You can't get on the net without an IP so I wouldn't see why the router couldn't pick it up without the cable company intervening.
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What you really need to do is connect to the router's config page, and play with the settings. It's very likely your previous location had a fixed IP address, and this one has a dynamic address. Looking at the box won't solve anything. Get out the manual, and let us know where you're stuck.
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Brad; Listen to trinitro and if you need to post back, perhaps you should reveal the make/model; But in case your IP isn't dynamic and Comcast is simply jerking your chain (they are like that); You could visit this page from Princeton which will display your ip address and if you get the same result after logging-on and off a few times (from the network, not the page), one might assume that you are fixed.

Good Luck;
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We really need to know the make/model of your router, but the easiest thing to do at this point is probably to just reset the router. At your old house in Kansas, you had a fixed IP - so the cable guy came out and setup your router for a fixed IP. Now, you are using a dynamic IP and the router is fixed on the old IP. Dynamic IPs change from time to time using what's called a DHCP (you should double-check with Comcast to make sure this is the technology being used, but most big cable companies do use this.)

If you hardware reset your router, it will probably be setup to get the IP from the DHCP host (at Comcast), most routers default to this setting. So, look on the back to see if there is a small hole in the back or a RESET of some sort. I have a D-Link that has a little hole in the back, you stick a pin or paper clip in it to reset the router. From time to time, my router loses it's settings and I reset it using this method - takes about 10 secs. Give that a try, I'll bet your connection starts right up.

If you could post back with some info on the router, that would help.
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go into control panels in network or modem properties. find the tcp settings and ensure find ip addresses automatically is checked. This is a good link if you need more.

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