A big welcome to our new Moderator - Magister


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A big welcome to our new Moderator - Magister

Magister (Russ) has been hanging around the Computer forum for a few months or more now and has stuck his nose into a lot of posts from various people (J/K). He knows computers very well and seems to have plenty of time to answer questions (does anyone know if he has a real job???) He's going to be helping me Mod Computers starting today (just approved by the Management - how come no one asked me??? J/K) He currently Mods one of the Forums over in Financial, so he well versed on the rules and regulations of DIY.com.

Everyone feel free to send him a big welcome via PM and fill up his Inbox (or just post it here - please, no negative or vulgar comments)

PS: We're still searching for more Co-Mods for Computers and many other forums. If you've been around DIY.com for a while and have a working knowledge of Computers or any of the other many fields here at DIY, use the Contact Us link at the bottom of every page to e-mail the Management. Be sure to include a quick resume of your skills and why you would be a good Mod. Thanks.
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Woo Hoo......
way to go magister.....now your answers better be real good!!! or else

good luck
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Thumbs up Way to go Bud.

YES! Whoo Hoo! Nice catch SW.
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It really depends on your definition of a job...

Thanks for the welcome!
And, I'll try not to confuse too many...

Keep Passing Open Windows;
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Welcome aboard magister!

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Stepped right up there, did you?

Welcome to the party.

Of course, we Linux nuts will be here, too.

Hope this helps.
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Once again, thanks for the warm and hearty welcome and in honor of all my friends who are running Open Source;
I'll sign this post with a quote from John Irving that I occasionally overuse, but sometimes can seem appropriate;

Keep Passing Open Windows...

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