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I went to log onto "google" and this site intrudes...every once and a while it pops up as my homepage as well....which I know how to change. After a long interrogation session, it appears my son logged onto something related, and now a demon seed has been planted in my computer....how do I get rid of this pest?

thanks in advance
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Xupiter is spyware; Take a look at spyware information in the <A HREF="http://forum.doityourself.com/showthread.php?s=&postid=403527#post404377">FAQ</A> and download Ad-Aware from the supplied link. Or, you could employ <A HREF="http://spybot.safer-networking.de/">Spybot</A> to do the dirty work; Run either name through the little "Search" box at the bottom of the forum listings for more information.

Good Luck;
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Exclamation Complete Xupiter removal instructions

M W:

Here are complete instructions to remove Xupiter.

and.doxdesk.com Xupiter removal instructions

You might like the freeware program Browser Hijack Blaster to keep your browser home page from being hijacked.

Be aware of Hot Bar; it's removal (while not impossible) is extremely difficult without instructions. This pest also offers an OE (Outlook Express) add-on for emoticons...stay away from this nasty little program. This one is resistant to AdAware and SpyBot.

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why not move the xupitor removal link posted by heliotrope to the frequently asked questions folder?
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Well, tae:

I guess that's a sure-fire way to get people to stop asking questions, isn't it; which sorta defeats the purpose of having a Q & A board.

I understand the need for FAQs for things like "how do I do a defrag/scan-disk/change my screensaver" in Win98/98SE, ME, NT, XP, but there isn't one generic way to remove spy/mal/adware.

Personally, I don't mind answering the same questions about this sort of thing - it usually leads to educating people about what to avoid, how to keep safe. I have the teaching gene embedded somewhere inside me and enjoy giving informative answers. This all hinges on people continuing to ask the same questions time and again, doesn't it?

Some people, who truly need answers, may not know the who/what/where/how/why of a particular site - they just desperately need an answer - sending them, immediately to an FAQ thread can be a little off-putting and make people want to try elsewhere, where they might receive a little more personal attention...

...say, an 83 year-old woman, completely new to computers, who'd gotten herself into a pickle and was extremely thankful that 'someone' took the time to "hold her hand" for a relatively short period of time. "I guess there are nice people on the web."

However, this is just my personal opinion about what the nature of Q & A boards should be.

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I imagine that tae meant to add that bit of information to the arsenal of information there, not remove it from the thread.
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Great idea, Tae. I know what you meant. Besides, just because we have a FAQ, doesn't mean people will stop asking questions - no one reads them anyway

Teaching gene or no, there's a reason FAQ's are around - it has nothing to do with "putting people off" it's simply a way to quickly answer questions that are often asked. This is DoItYourself - some people come here searching for answers, yet are too shy or too proud to ask the "stupid" questions (for lack of a better way to put it), so they search for hours for a simple answer - or worse, never find the answer at all and so they don't return. By putting the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) at the top of the board, maybe we can help these people quickly and without any interaction on their part. If the FAQ doesn't work, then they are free to ask any question they may have. FAQ's are not impersonal - on the contrary they are very personal - not only are you answering the questions for members, you are doing it before the question is even asked - that's like reading someone's mind (ok, so maybe not <i>that</i> personal.)

I definitely agree the Xupitor removal link should be added. Heliotrope, would you like to do the honors? Or should I do it when I get the time?

BTW, this thread should not turn into a FAQ discussion. Let's at least try to keep it somewhat on topic.

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