Any tips for networking for dial-up AOL?


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Any tips for networking for dial-up AOL?

Hi ~

A friend has asked me to help her set up a network between the two computers in her house. One runs Win98, the other WindowsXP.

She connects to the internet using AOL dial-up. She will not change to DSL or cable.

I set up my home network but I have DSL, and use a router and external modem... I don't even know if you can network and share a dial-up account. The only thing that she wants from the network is to for both computers to be on-line at the same time....

Any tips? Or good web pages? Everything I have found deals with DSL.

Thanks for any and all help.

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I've had dial up at a house for a long time, and I've been sharing it so that the computers on my network can share the internet. Of course, I've had MSN Dial Up, rather than AOL. MSN is easier to share because all you need is the Dial Up Networking to connect.

Here is a website that I've managed to find that gives a link to an application which allows you to share your aol DIAL UP connection.

Hope it helps.
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Here's some info on direct connection between computers. It will work for two computers. Having to share a dial up account requires that one computer have the modem and be connected while the other one shares the connection. Alternatively, you could build a network, but there would be no advantage since a router cannot handle the dialing.

Hope this helps.
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AOL is a nightmare to share, dial-up or no dial-up.
I don't believe it's possible to start a dialup connection automatically with AOL (what ICS would do with a regular dial-up connection), but once online you should have no problem sharing the connection. Simply run ICS on the machine that has the internet connection, and the disk it will generate on the second machine.
I assume of course the two machines are networked already.
Why would anybody choose AOL over broadband (or AOL over anything) is beyond me. I've been working for the past 8 years trying to convert people away from AOL.
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AOL is just the virus for the masses.
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Thumbs down AOhell

AOl is indeed a virus IMHO, id infiltrates your computer and you have to reformat to get rid of it !!
Plus the COST !!!
Do try to get her to go DSL or Cable ..
Let her use a computer that has high speed for a few hours
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I couldn't even begin to tell you how to share an AOL connection (why would you want to anyway? It's too slow with just one connection???), but I will be more than happy to give my 2 cents about AOL. DROP IT!!!

Plain and simple - for the same thing you pay for AOL and a phone line, you can get Cable or DSL and have 10x or more the speed and easily network other computers seamlessly through a $30 router. If she really likes AOL, she can keep it and use "Bring your own Access" for AOL and just use the faster connection (and, btw, save $20 or more on AOL access every month.)

Good luck converting

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